The Top 5 Casino Games for Mac OS

What if you absolutely had to play a casino game to relieve stress but you weren’t anywhere near a casino? That would have been a major problem a decade or so ago, but that’s not the case today. Right now, thanks to smartphones and tablets, we have access to some great casino games at almost any time.

These aren’t your father’s or grandfather’s digital casino games you might have found on the original Nintendo or Sega Genesis gaming consoles. These are apps that are designed specifically for Mac OS, which means iPhones, iPads, and maybe your iMac.

With some of the top casino games for Mac OS, you can play wherever you are, gambling with tokens, real money, or just for the thrill of the chase (so to speak). You can play online casino games here, too, if you just can’t wait! After all, relaxing at home, riding the bus or train to work or school, or just needing a quick break are all great excuses to hit the tables, slots, or whatever casino game you love

Now, let’s talk about the top 5 casino games for Mac OS you might want to check out on your iPhone or iPad.

Now, let us talk about the top 5 casino games for Mac OS you might want to check out on your iPad or iPhone casino.

1. Poker+

Poker is, without question, the quintessential casino game. There are plenty of variations and when you want to play online casino games here, with poker, you can enjoy Texas Hold ‘Em, Stud, Draw, and much more. You can also enjoy up to 1,000 Texas coins every 4 hours. It’s free to play and you can even play with other people from anywhere in the world, letting you test your skills (aside from bluffing and reading your opponent in real-life, of course) every day.

2. Slingo Supreme.

Slingo is a highly popular casino game around the world, and Supreme takes it all to a whole new level. You can unlock great powerups that allow you the chance to build your own Slingo games. You can enjoy a new level of play and experience, keeping you engaged day after day after day. Then you get the chance to try and top your last high score, and there really is no limit to the possibilities.

3. Slots Explorer.

If table casino games aren’t really your thing, you can enjoy slots with Slots Explorer. Packed with adventure, this casino slot game will offer free spins bonus, free credit reloads, and even the chance to play in some tournaments. You can choose from four different games, including Pirate Slots, Safari Slots, and Jungle Slots.

4. Blackjack+.

With a simple and elegant design, you can immediately be immersed in what feels like a true casino experience from the moment you see the table in front of you. The basic blackjack rules apply and will allow you to double down, split, and apply insurance. If you’re new to casino gaming, this is another great game to cut your teeth on.

5. Klondike Solitaire.

You wouldn’t think that solitaire would be considered a popular casino game, but it certainly can do wonders for those looking for a way to manipulate cards, understand suits, and get some practice with positioning. Klondike Solitaire remains the most popular version of its kind and will offer draw options, four different open foundations, and hints for those just getting started. There’s no better way to pass the time and learn about a deck quite like playing solitaire, and it’ll get you ready to move up to more intense casino card games.