Things You Can Sell if You Need Extra Money

We all need extra money from time to time, and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to earn cash on the side. You can deliver food through a delivery service like DoorDash or Uber Eats. You can also clean houses, walk dogs, drive for Uber, tutor students, house sit, or bake cookies. These are just a few examples.

However, not all of us have the time to go out and work extra hours. Many of us work eight-to-five jobs and just don’t have the energy or desire to keep going all evening. In these cases, selling things online or in the occasional garage sale is a great way to earn additional funds. To do this, you simply need to figure out what you already have that people might want or find a way to acquire those things without spending a lot of time doing so.

Why do we need extra money?

If you earn a decent living from a day job, you might not need extra cash until you encounter a big expense or something you want that you’d rather not take out of the family budget. Gamers, for example, often need money for the best gaming headsets or the newest software. As a gamer, you need the best headset to deliver the most immersive and realistic sound possible. This will help to heighten your senses and immerse you in the game. Wireless gaming headsets aren’t cheap, but the quality is important enough to warrant the extra expense.

Gamers and other hobbyists who don’t mind putting money into their activities often want to earn extra money to enjoy a great experience. In addition to a good headset, this might include gaming chairs, game consoles, mobile devices, laptops, monitors, or other items for a gaming setup.

Sell your old car for extra cash.

Selling your old car can be a great idea for people who need the cash. It doesn’t matter whether you just want to get rid of it or if your unwanted car is taking up unnecessary garage space. There are lots of ways to sell your car, but the method you use will depend a lot on the car’s condition. If it’s an old unwanted vehicle you never thought you could get rid of, consider getting a quick quote from a salvage yard. They usually offer cash for cars no one else would ever want. They’ll give you an instant cash offer based on things like whether or not your car has bucket seats, alloy wheels, fog lights, leather seats, and other accessories people might look for replacements for.

Sell gently used baby items for extra cash.

Gently used baby items are always great sellers, and there are a ton of places you can sell them. Sites like thredUP and eBay allow you to list your items for the amount you want. To figure out your prices, you can just look for similar items and see how much people are paying for them on a regular basis. Or, if online sales aren’t your thing, you can always take the items to a local consignment store where you’ll get the cash when they sell them. Or you can put them in your own garage sale, usually for a little lower price.

Sell other items from around the house for extra cash.

Just a quick search on eBay will give you an idea of what’s selling right now and for how much. And while many people think it’s just for highly collectible items, you’d probably be surprised at the best sellers. For example, you can sell a used blender blade for around $10, depending on the brand and condition. Next time you’re tempted to throw out an old appliance, check eBay for the parts listings. You might be able to get your money back and then some!