The main ways to get equipment in the World of Warcraft

WoW is one of the oldest MMO RPGs on the market and is tacitly considered the best game in the genre according to various polls.

In MMOs, not only the chosen character plays an important role, his relevance in the current meta – that is, strength relative to the latest patches, but also his equipment and World of Warcraft gives several variations of obtaining and strengthening it.

How to get equipment:

  1. Raids
  2. Craft
  3. PVP
  4. Buying equipment


A raid is a group trip to a dangerous combat zone, where the head of the dungeon, along with his retinue, guard rare rewards and a large amount of experience.

Raiding is one of the most common ways to get equipment, but with its own set of challenges.

Firstly, the whole group must perfectly fulfill their duties, otherwise the trip may suddenly turn into a failure.

Secondly, worthwhile equipment is knocked out only from raids of increased complexity, and from the rest of the dungeons you can get intermediate equipment to gradually increase your character’s abilities.

There are exceptions – these are new raids that are released as part of the latest update and reveal the further development of the storyline of the world of Azeroth.

The new raid, which became the second in the Dragonflight update and was named Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible.

All new raids are always pleasant for beginners and all players, as they get the most valuable equipment and additional items that can significantly enhance the main characteristics of all characters, depending on their focus.

Passing a new raid of the Aberus level will not be easy due to new mechanics and bosses, with which there is no experience of battles yet, and many decisions and tactics will be developed along the way.

You can go through Aberus on your own, as part of a group and rely on everyone to act confidently and playfully, otherwise you will fail and share experience and rewards for everyone in case of success.

The second option is to order WoW raid runs from the Skycoach service. This is a special service, during which the battle group will take control of your character through account transfer and make a full trip to Aberus and do all the necessary actions so that it is your hero who collects all the experience and reward from each of the 9 available bosses. The probability of a drop during a group hike is noticeably reduced.

The service guarantees complete secrecy and anonymity in the face of the game administration and performs the service with the ability for the client to monitor its status. When the raid is completed, you will be able to log into your account, view the quality of the completed order, see the list of trophies received, change your password and leave feedback about the quality of the service performed by Skycoach service employees.

Gear progress through raids

When the first raid becomes available to you, you will see that each dungeon has not only good rewards, but also a list of requirements for the strength of equipment, without which you simply will not be allowed inside.

Each raid on the principle of a ladder will advance and give the potential to strengthen weapons and armor if successful and lucky that the loot will go to you.

Raids have difficulty levels and after passing the normal one, which is essentially an introduction to the mechanics of the boss and his abilities and rewards for moving to heroic and mythic difficulty.

The new Aberus raid and the mythic versions drop armor sets that are strengthened from each other by collecting several elements that will provide a powerful boost to all the characteristics and abilities of the hero.


The second most common way among players to get equipment is crafting on their own, or ordering production from blacksmiths. Those players who hate raiding because of the need to team up with other characters and do not know about the Skycoach service prefer more stable crafting than adventures with luck and high concentration of efforts.

To craft the necessary equipment for yourself, or with the help of craftsmen, you need to fulfill several conditions:

  • Collect resources as you level up your character and do not rush to sell them, or use them at the initial stage of development, as they will come in handy in the future.
  • Don’t craft everything unless absolutely necessary – save resources for later levels to immediately craft items that will be useful for many levels, not just a few.
  • Develop gathering professions according to your class – for the main attribute strength you need mining, for dodgers you need skinning, for intelligence you need threads that do not require an additional profession for gathering.
  • Pay attention to creation professions that are comparable to gathering and will allow you to fully close the production cycle.

For those who want to ask craftsmen for help, you can now contact the order desk in the capital of the Dragon Isle, where you create an order, apply the necessary resources and set a reward of your choice, which is worthy of the craftsman who will take on crafting and if this suits the specialist, then he will have 30 minutes to complete the order and the system itself will check its integrity and upon completion of this period you will receive either an item or a return of all resources.

Do not try to look for and kill low-level players, this will not bring any reward, and you will simply earn notoriety and retaliation, because someone will definitely fly to restore justice to complaints from players in the general chat, and you will lose a lot of time on battles that will not be beneficial to you at all.


Under PVP, one should perceive the famous confrontation between the factions of the horde and the alliance and the reward of the players of the World of Warcraft itself for making their contribution to the victory over the enemy, depending on the chosen side.

For each victory over an opponent equal to and above your level, you will receive special bloody-tokens, which serve as a reward and, in parallel, a tool for obtaining special equipment with an advantage for PVP battles against other players and comparable to top equipment. Of course, she is far from complete armor, but she will find her niche for those who like to fight and, due to this, get a boost.

Buying equipment

You can always just buy some equipment from more successful and enterprising players if you have enough game gold.

You can earn it by grinding, completing raids, farming resources and selling them.

Sometimes it’s more profitable to sell all the accumulated resources and buy medium equipment, which will speed up the farming speed and, as a result, bring it closer to level 70 and open up opportunities to start collecting a top set of equipment for your class.