The Best Trading Tools 2020: PC vs. Mac

There is widespread debate over Macs and PCs about which one is best suited for stock trading. Going by the current global statistics, the popularity of Windows-based PCs surpasses Macs by a mile. The Windows market share stands at 77.74 % compared to Apple’s macOS market share of 17.07%.

But the big question here is, which of the two comes out on top when trading? People in scandinavia can find many tips to buying stocks but what about us? You could begin by taking a look at Apple’s higher-priced Mac. Its price tag is certainly the reason why it commands a far lower market compared to Windows PCs. 

Let’s take an example of a typical 2020 MacBook Air. It retails at a little over $1,000. That’s almost twice what you’d pay for a standard Windows PC. Going by the current trends, the price tag is of little impact for people who opt for one machine to invest in shares regularly. Such a person is only interested in the performance advantages that a computer offers. Let’s look at each of the two options and what they offer the average forex trader.   

Advantages of a Mac Computer

Easy Set-up Process

When compared against the PC, Mac is superior in numerous ways. In general, Macs have a simple start-up, set up, and maintenance process compared to the average PC. With the help of a few clicks, you could use your Mac to participate in live trading from a cold boot in less than one minute. Typically, the PC takes a long time to boot after setting up the device. This is a crucial consideration, particularly in the ritual of the opening bell.

Longevity and Reliability

You can rely on your Mac to remain functional throughout your trading session. They are less likely to crash compared to PCs and can stay operational without numerous protective software like anti-spyware, antivirus, and anti-adware. The longevity feature attributed to Macs is due to its use of Apple high-grade hardware. Its durability could also be explained by its adoption of stable software. Macs can continue running for several months without ever requiring a reboot.

Benefits of Windows PCs

Optimized for Extensive Trading Platforms

The main advantage that a Windows PC has over a Mac is that it is compatible with almost all the top trading programs. However, it is possible to bypass the apparent limitation with a Mac by running Windows alongside the native OS. But still, a Windows PC does keep its edge over a Mac when it comes to running such programs.

Better Cost Effectiveness

Traders can trade through several computers, and this enables them to spread the work processes across various machines. A trader using six computers will have a significant price difference between PCs and Macs. If you include the higher software cost for Macs, there would be a notable difference.

Can You Turn a Mac into a PC?

There is an option for forex traders who may want to run the Windows operating system on their Macs. For this to happen, the two operating systems have to run simultaneously. The aim is to have programs from Windows running on a Mac, which occurs by the virtualization method. This option is best suited for traders who want to use Macs but cannot run some applications exclusive to Windows computers.