The Battle of the Headphones – Wired vs Wireless

There has been a constant competition going on between wired and wireless headphones. In recent years, wireless has taken a strong foothold in the battle due to the convenience they bring. Many people are starting to switch towards cordless alternatives as you do not have to worry about any wires or things getting tangled. Does the competition stop here though? There are many things that people are unaware of when it comes to headphones and these play a huge factor in determining what is better. 

Here are some things to consider when looking at wired vs. wireless products.

Harmful Radiation

Wireless headphones definitely do offer plenty of conveniences but it comes at the cost of your health and safety. These headphones often use Bluetooth technology which uses a 2.45Ghz frequency to connect. While this might not sound like a big deal, frequent exposure to this radiation can cause a myriad of health problems within a person. Studies have shown that those who are consistently exposed to these waves through the use of wireless headphones have a much higher chance of developing cancer. There are plenty of articles that you can read online to learn more about the safety concerns involved when using wireless technology. The radiation is also known to cause male fertility issues and can cause permanent damage if you are exposed to too much of it. Consider these health problems associated with wireless products and see if it is worth it.

Convenience and Durability

Have you ever reached into your pocket for your headphones after a long day of work to find out how tangled they are? One of the biggest downsides to wired headphones is how tanged they get in your pocket. Untangling the mess is no simple task either as it can take several frustrating minutes to fix it all. Wireless headphones provide convenience in this sense. There are no wires to worry about and no tangles to get frustrated over. This also impacts durability. Wires can get heavily damaged and torn while they are tangled and you might find that your headphones will simply break over a period of time due to this. If you do not care for the wires, your wired headphones will simply not be as durable as their wireless counterpart. Wireless headphones will give you a much more convenient and durable product.

Wired Headphones Have Higher Quality

There is often a debate about which headphones can provide better quality. While wireless headphones can sound great, when you compare them to high quality wired headphones, they do not even come close. Wired technology allows for a much better signal and also allows for more information to be transmitted. This means that wired headphones are able to produce better sound quality more consistently than their wireless counterparts. Not only that, but wired headphones are also more reliable when it comes to sound as well. Wireless headphones are known for having their signals interrupted and just cutting out for a few seconds here and there. With wired headphones, you never have to worry about an interruption in the signal as there is nothing that can interfere with your wire. Wired headphones will give you a much better and more reliable sound than their wireless counterparts.


When looking at headphones, you want to find a pair that sits comfortably on your head and will not bother you in any way. While both of these headphones will provide a comfortable fit on your ears, wired versions will bring an added frustration of the wire. This dangling cord can get caught on your clothing or continually rub against your skin while you are moving. This can become very annoying as you are trying to work out or move about. The other danger is when your wire gets stuck on something while you are moving. This can either cause you to drop your phone or rip the headphones off of your head. Comfort plays a huge role in your choice and you want to ensure that you will never run into problems when wearing your headphones. When it comes to comfort, wireless headphones have a clear advantage due to the lack of a wire.

At the end of the day, it is up to you as the consumer to weigh the pros and cons of each of these headphones and see what you like better. Wireless headphones are trending currently and will provide a great deal of comfort and convenience. Wired headphones, on the other hand, will give a safer experience with better audio quality. Which headphones are you leaning towards?