Griffin WindowSeat for iPhone 3G – Review

I’ve been looking at and reviewing cases for the iPhone 3G but there is also the need for an accessory for your iPhone that a lot of folks tend to overlook. If you spend a lot of time on the road in your car, either traveling to and from work, or just traveling, gas prices permitting, then you really need to consider looking at a mount for your iPhone.

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MyMac Podcast 187
Pat Fauquet – Lee Returns

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Pat Fauquet joins David, Tim, and Guy for a segment on Dr. Mac Consulting, the Washington Apple PI user group, and Sam Levin hits us up with three new Cool Mac Picks. Lee Givens joins in for the low-down on iPhone development, Mac OS 10.5.4 coming soon, the rumors about 10.6, and much more.

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Dr. Mac Consulting
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Aliph’s The ‘new’ Jawbone

Griffin Technology’s WindowSeat

Case-Mate’s NAKED case for iPhone

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