MyMac Podcast 113
Bill Palmer and Tony Bove

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Tim, Chad, and Guy welcomes Bill Palmer from to discuss Macworld Expo, the iPhone, and the next generation of the iPod. David joins in with a new Fenestration. Nemo interviews author Tony Bove. And Robert reviews Invisible Shield and the Pod Safe.

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Invisible Shield
Pod Safe
Tony Bove
iPod & iTunes For Dummies, 4th Edition

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Microsoft, the big, bad Wolf?
A Conversation with Tony Bove

Tony Bove’s new book on beating the Microsoft addiction — Just say no to Microsoft — is reviewed elsewhere on the Applelust web site this week. For anyone who feels trapped by their computer instead of empowered by it, his book is a stimulating and liberating read.

Nonetheless, it’s a very partial piece of work, a one-sided attack on Microsoft and its products, and designed squarely to attract computer users over to the Macintosh or Linux camps. Regular AppleLust readers will know that I don’t necessarily see Microsoft as the big, bad wolf, so I was pleased when Bove took time out to debate his thesis with me.

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