MyMac Podcast 184
Is iPod Killing Hi-Fi

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A large cast this tackles the question: is the iPod generation killing Hi-Fi? Does high fidelity have a place in todays world of small MP3 players and online music stores? Also, All Over the Mac chats with Anne Bowden, and Sam Levin hits us with a new Cool Mac Picks. If all that was not enough, we have a new contest! Listen for your chance to win a $120 Essential Jacket from SCOTTEVEST.

Tim Robertson, Guy Serle, David Cohen, Sam Levin, Lee Givens, John Nemo, and special guest Bill Palmer from iProng Magazine.

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Links from the show:
iProng Magazine
AOL Mac Desktop
Scott from ScotteVest switched to the Mac video
Future Sonic’s Atrio m8
DLO’s VentMount for iPhone & iPod touch
Sam Levin Cool Mac Picks

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MyMac Podcast 183
BeeJay – PowerTune Contest

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BeeJay Bhatt joins Tim, David, and Guy this week to chat about ten years of the iMac, PC Software on a Mac, Macworld Expo joke, Safari instability, and much more. All Over the Mac with John Nemo looks at two different microphones, and Sam Levin helps us kick off the show with a new Cool Mac Picks. Plus, we are giving away a PowerTune from MacAlly! Listen to find out how you can win! (US Residents Only)

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Links mentioned on the show:
Universal Drive Adapter
VMware Fusion 2.0 Beta
Cross Over Games from Codeweavers
Speck Products’ SeeThru Slim Hard Shell Case for Mac Book Air
GelaSkins – skin your iPhone, iPod or Mac Book with style!
Kensington’s Contour Balance Roller

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