Live Capture in iMovie ’08

The new iMovie 08 allows Live Capture, meaning you can record video directly to the program rather than using a video camera and tape. Bakari shows us how to do it.

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Numbers 08
Spreadsheets for the Rest of Us

Leave it to Apple, however, to create yet another useful production program for the rest of us. That is, a program which is intuitive, practical, and stylish. Numbers ’08 is another fine program that can help you transform the analog fashion of pen and paper calculations and create functions that can help you become more efficient with various projects involving money, data gathering and calculations.

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MyMac Podcast 142

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An Apple event next week has the guys guessing what’s coming, and we spend quite a bit of time on what we hope to see. We also talk Fat Nano’s, what’s missing in the iTunes store, more on iMovie 08, some history, and product reviews.

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