Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac: Can It Truly Save Your Lost Files? 

Whether due to software or hardware failures, accidental deletion, or malware attacks, data loss has become a common problem in this increasingly digital world. When my MacBook crashed recently and I lost all my data, I was almost traumatized and panicked. My biggest worry was how to get back so much of my important data. Consisting mostly of my work files and videos that did not have a backup in place. Luckily, that’s when I came across Stellar Data Recovery for Mac. 

We all can go through this maddening data loss situation. Therefore, in this review, I’ll provide an overview of this Professional Mac Data Recovery tool, including features, my experience using the software, plan pricing, and whether can it truly save your lost files. By the end, you’ll have a brief understanding of what makes Stellar Data Recovery everyone’s top choice for Mac data recovery.

What is Stellar Data Recovery for Mac Software?

You know the panic that strikes when your precious data is at stake. Just like any other user who has lost all data, I was badly searching for a reliable Mac data recovery tool. Luckily, I came across  Stellar Data Recovery for Mac software. 

After reading some reviews and watching testimonials on the internet, Stellar seemed capable of recovering various file types from Mac storage devices and data loss situations. It also supported encrypted/formatted drives and had an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that I loved in the first place. Given these promising features, I decided to try Stellar for my Mac device. 

Stellar is one of the most popular data recovery tools available for Mac. It supports recovering all file types like documents, photos, videos, and more from various storage devices. This includes recovery from disk corruption, crashed or unbootable systems, accidental deletion, and encrypted/formatted drives.

My Recovery Experience

When I used Stellar, I was able to recover almost 19GB of important photos, documents(including emails), and edited video files from my MacBook’s storage drive. The one-of-a-kind preview feature helped me filter the recoveries and saved me time. To my surprise, a few heavily damaged fragmented video files were also recovered by the software that was long deleted. For me, Stellar Data Recovery performed very well given the circumstances and additionally, the customer support was also responsive and instantly guided me with a few processes.

The Simple Straight Stellar Data Recovery Process for Mac

The Stellar Mac Data Recovery software utilizes deep scanning technology to recover all files that may have been deleted long ago. Above all an intuitive interface and easy-to-use steps make the process straightforward for users of all skill levels.

You simply select the device and file types, then initiate a quick scan or deep scan which takes slightly more time. Stellar thoroughly analyzes the drive to find recoverable files. It also allows to preview all files before recovery to filter the unwanted files. Additionally, it also offers you the ease of saving recovered files at a choice location. 

Here’s a detailed explanation of how to use Stellar Data Recovery for Mac.  

Download – Go to Stellar’s official website and download the latest version of the software. This is an easy and free download and only takes a few seconds.

Install – Once downloaded, run the installation file to install Stellar on your Mac System. Just follow a few on-screen instructions and it’s done. Now you can run the software.

Select Files to Recover – First, choose the specific files you want to retrieve in the “ What to Recover” page by checking the boxes. Leave the boxes unchecked for any file types you do not need to recover.

Select Drive or Location – Next, you will need to choose the drive or storage device from where you want to recover files.

Start the Scan – Hit the “Scan” button to start looking for your files. Stellar will carefully search the drive or device. These are your photos, videos documents, and other lost data.

Preview Files – After scanning, you will see a list of all the files. You can preview each file before recovering to check for which one to recover and which not to recover.

Recover Files – At last, click Select the files you need and hit “Recover” to save your files. This will prompt a window to choose where to save them, like your Mac desktop or any specific storage drive.

Save Files – Choose your desired destination and hit the Start Saving button to save recovered data.

Stellar Data Recovery for Mac Pricing 

Stellar Data Recovery for Mac offers a flexible pricing plan to suit different data recovery needs for all types of users. While the basic functions are available for free, opting for a paid plan provides significant benefits.

Free Version

The free version of Stellar Data Recovery for Mac allows users to test its core recovery abilities. It supports recovering up to 1GB of data without any restrictions. This serves as a trial to check if Stellar can successfully retrieve lost files.

For professional data recovery work, a paid plan among the 3 listed below will unlock Stellar Data Recovery for Mac’s full potential. 

Standard Plan ($69.99) – Supports recovery of unlimited data from any storage drive and supports all types of data. This is Ideal for personal use.

Professional Plan ($89.99) – Includes all Standard features plus recovery from lost partitions and non-bootable Mac system.

Premium Plan ($99.99) – The top-tier plan provides the most advanced features. Like repairing corrupt videos, and photos and offering all features in a professional plan. 

Additionally, all the plans come with 24/5 technical support. Stellar’s free version is perfect for testing the software. But for complete data recovery without limitations, an affordable professional plan is highly recommended. 


While no other data recovery software can guarantee 100% success, Stellar did an admirable job given the nature of data loss. From a features perspective, Stellar’s ability to retrieve files from unbootable, corrupted, or RAW drives as well as multiple file support sets it apart. Also, the free version that allows recovery of up to 1 GB of data is helpful for first-time trial users. 

I can surely recommend Stellar Data Recovery for regaining access to lost Mac files. Its powerful design and industry-first features make data recovery a simple process, even for non-experts. The feature-loaded data recovery software comes with robust functionality, and its top ratings make it a must-have tool for any user looking to protect their valuable digital assets at an affordable cost.