Six Tech Tools Every Digital Nomad Needs to Succeed

Life can get a bit tricky while living as a digital nomad on the road; you have to have the right equipment with you at all times as you travel from place to place. Which means, not only do you have to bring your personal belongings, but also your entire office with you everywhere. Figuring out the right equipment to have in your mobile office can be even trickier than bringing it along. Keep reading to learn more about some hand gadgets that every digital nomad needs.

1. Portable Amp

If you are like many digital nomads, most of your day is spent wearing headphones. Whether listening to music, a podcast, an audiobook, or on phone calls. Portable headphone amps operate like regular amps that are used to power big speakers, except at a lower scale to sufficiently produce the same effect but at a level comfortable enough to be heard safely inside your headphones. This is an amazing innovation for digital nomads to take advantage of. Sound quality will be resoundingly better for your ears and you will never again want to listen to your custom IEM headphones without it.

2. Asus T100

Being a successful digital nomad is also all about having the right laptop to get the work done. The Asus T100 is simply the best laptop for travel. The battery life is nice and long, and it couldn’t be more lightweight or affordable. It has a detachable keyboard, so you can easily switch to and from work to play mode. The only things to be aware of is that they keyboard is a little small, and T100 makes for an annoying video editing process – since the processor wasn’t entirely built for speed. But if you are a minimalist who doesn’t want to throw up the money for a MacBook Air – this is your best option.

3. Google Pixel 2

Many iPhone users have been making the switch to the highly reviewed Pixel 2 instead of going for the iPhone X. The Google Pixel is hands down the best smartphone for travelers on the market. Not only is it much cheaper than its competitor, the iPhone X, but it offers comparable features and battery life for a fraction of the cost. If you are a travel blogger, this phone is perfect for you because it has one of the best cameras, as well as image editing capabilities that stack up against any smartphone. Thich means beautiful photos and videos for blog posts, without the need to lug around a 35mm DSLR camera. The Google Pixel XL is great for writers who love a big keyboard, now – you can post on your blog straight from your phone. How cool is that?

4. Amazon Kindle Paper White

The best selling Kindle across the board. When I first began traveling, I brought all of my favorite books along with me, and I kept buying books – and soon enough I was lugging around an entire bag of books. At this point, I realized it was ridiculous for me to carry around all of these books, wasting a ton of good storage space. It’s hard to part ways with your books, but it makes it easier if you lend them out! Then you can download all of your favorite books onto your kindle, proving for a portable solution that takes up about as much space as a single book.

5. Universal Travel Adapter

In order to succeed as a digital nomad, perhaps the most important thing is staying charged. Once you start traveling to different countries, you’ll quickly realize that outlets are always changing shapes. Having a universal adapter will save your life as you hop around from country to country. It is best to be prepared for these kinds of things, because having dead batteries in a foreign country is best to be avoided at all costs.

6. LifePack

The right backpack is essential to all digital nomads. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you may get a laptop bag that can double as a daypack for weekend adventures. If you are a super tech expat, you may prefer a more sophisticated style backpack. Either way, Lifepack is an amazing choice for both outdoor enthusiasts and tech wizards alike. It is a solar charging, anti-theft backpack. It is a pricey option, but it is worth every penny. The pack includes a 3-in-1 solar power bank that can charge a phone six times, and continues to regenerate 1 extra charge every 4 hours of sun. It has Bluetooth speakers, a protective rain cover, and a 3 number combination cable lock to keep your belongings safe.


These tech tools will make for an easier, more relaxed and efficient life as a digital nomad. The key to building your perfect mobile office is to prioritize and minimize. Only take with you what you need, and try to make it as lightweight as possible! If you are a writer, maybe all you need is your laptop, phone and chargers. If you are a photographer, you may need a whole other bag for photography stuff! Make sure you buy devices that are long lasting and reliable. It’s an utter nightmare to have to replace tech gear while on the road. Always get warranties or travel insurance when possible because you never know what could go wrong.

What devices do you carry with you on the road? Leave us a comment with your best portable tech recommendations in the section below.