Simple iOS Tips and Tricks

Apple iOS system has yet again found a way of spoiling their users with amazing new features. The features provide users with various options to increase productivity on their iPhone. However, the only way you can enjoy the features is to update the operating system.

These features come with a new interface that might completely change your mobile phone. Since change is inevitable, everything is inevitable on this planet. With that being said, the tricks and tips we are about to give you will ensure that you enjoy the latest upgrade to your iPhone. 

Create Your Memoji Using iPhone 

Social media has given birth to some brilliant and funny ideas to make the tech world more exciting. However, iPhone has utilized the opportunity by introducing a TrueDepth camera technology. The iOS 12 will give you the ability to create a Moji. 

A Memoji is a customized Animoji that looks like you. You can share the animated version of you on social media and get the likes from your friends. It’s all about fun, after all, it’s the same thing as playing online American casino games. The only difference is that with the Memoji, you win real likes and with online casino games, you win real money. 

How to Measure Objects Using an iPhone 

If you have Apple’s ARKit there is no need for you to buy a tape measure. Apple’s ARKit enables you to measure object such as posters, signs, picture frames, have casino app so that you can play at rsa bet and of the sort. It is a very cool iOS app guaranteed to make your life easy. 

Moreover, each measurement that you make will highlight dimensions from inches to centimeters. 

Effective Charging 

You might have only a few minutes to prepare for an emergency meeting and you need to charge your phone battery. The best way to do it is to switch it to Airplane mode. That way it will charge way better and faster. Moreover, you will not have to wait long for your iPhone to recharge. Whenever you are in a hurry just use this method, you will see that your phone’s battery will be charged within minutes.