A quick list of things you should know about charging your phone

Mobile phones have become a vital part of people’s life. Wherever you go, your smartphone is right next to you and it can be used for everything, from work to entertainment or keeping in touch with your loved ones. However, without an outlet next to you, your phone will only last for a couple of hours.

Nowadays, your phone is a necessity so you cannot risk without going without battery. Phones have evolved a lot in the past years, but their development also came with a cost. They consume more energy than the previous models used to, which means that you should always have your charger with you.

Most of the time it’s enough to charge your phone at night so that you can use it the entire next day, but this thing is different for all people. Depending on your battery and how much you use your phone, you might need to charge it every couple of hours. Be sure to check out Expert Reviews of the Hottest Websites Around at www.hot5.com

The need for outlets is slowly being acknowledged, and we can see that most public spaces begin to have one of them, including public transport such as trains. Nevertheless, charging your phone in public is not always pleasant. The owner of the place might not let you do it, and you have to be very careful so that no one will take it away when you are not careful. Also be sure to check out CartonCloud! 

If you are in a crisis situation you should be able to find a public phone charging station. They are convenient if you can’t find any other option. Alternatively, you can always try to charge in a phone retailer’s shop.

Wireless charging is an option

Using a charger to juice up your mobile phone might soon become a thing of the past. Technology is evolving and more and more phones are beginning to offer wireless charging. With this technology you still need to put your phone close by, but it is easier to use.

Wi-Fi charging is another option and it can be used no matter where you go. However, since there are few phone who have this, it is better to be patient. 

Certain applications use more battery life

Every time you download a new application on your phone, you will be asked to grant it access to certain parts of your phone. Most of the time these apps are running in the background and consuming your battery life, which is something that you do not want.

In order to avoid that you will need to take a close look at your apps in settings. See how much cpu is used by each one and check whether they are running or not. If you find out that a certain application is draining your battery, it would be wiser to simply uninstall it, unless it is something that you use constantly.

Don’t forget, if your battery is draining quickly it is important to find the cause for it.

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