Microsoft’s First Major Expansion in Xbox Gaming

Microsoft has taken advantage of its strong relationship with developers to create some of the best exclusive online roulette games around, from Minecraft to Forza to Halo. While this strategy hasn’t always paid off (Xbox Live was dead on arrival),it certainly points toward a future where Microsoft is able to develop and keep talent on board for years at a time. But now, we have a new generation of consoles that are going to be even more powerful than ever before. The question is — will they still need an X-Box?

What Expansion Means for Console Gaming

With the Xbox One Series still a very hot topic in video gaming, it’s hard to know what impact console expansions will have on the market overall. Many of us already feel like Microsoft needs to do something about its lackluster sales numbers. Will simply being able to play all current titles on the Xbox One make a difference? Or is the problem simply that people aren’t seeing enough game releases on the platform? And if the latter is true, can Microsoft really afford to rest on its laurels, or will the company need to push forward again by expanding its lineup?

The Future of Xbox Games

One thing seems certain: Microsoft needs to release more games. They could start with more exclusives — which might not be such a bad idea anyway, as long as these gambling360 casino games are better than anything else out there right now. I mean, there’s plenty to choose from, be it free roam open plays, real money race tournaments, or sports simulators. Perhaps they should also take a look at other genres like RPGs and action/adventure to see how well those sell.

The Bottom Line

But maybe Xbox isn’t just about releasing games. Maybe it’s also about creating them. It’s hard to say whether or not the new hardware will lead to bigger, shinier games, but if Microsoft wants to prove itself to gamers, it may want to expand their development team again…