Maximizing your online gaming experience on Mac or iPhone device

Mr Green was voted the best mobile casino in the world in 2016. With over 250 games, most of which can be played with ease online, it is hardly a surprise. Of course, being so highly rated, it means that the mobile apps are available for both iPhone and Mac devices, via the usual suspects – i.e. the AppStore, Google Play, Samsung Apps, etc.

Automatic environment adjustment courtesy of HTML5

MrGreen’s mobile Apps are HTML5 based. This means that from the user point of view, games automatically sense the environment that they are playing in, and they adjust to the appropriate screen size. This is true for all of the major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

The end-result is that the Apps are free from any of the problems sometimes associated with compatibility when being played on the various operating systems such as Android, Blackberry, IOS, Windows phones, etc.

As far as mobile devices are concerned, whether you have a Blackberry, an HTC, an LG, a Motorola, a Nokia, or a Panasonic; you will have no problems whatsoever playing games on the Mrgreen website.

To bring you the best in mobile online gaming, Mrgreen offers a wide variety of games from four different gaming software houses on his casino for Mac and iPhone. The casino website is 100% Flash based to offer you the very finest visual gaming experience around today.

Tips for a better gaming experience on iPhones and iPads

Over time, you may find your mobile device slowing down when it comes to playing games online. Just to be clear, this is nothing to do with the Apps; it is a problem with the mobile device itself. For iPhones or iPads, here are a few helpful tips to help you to get the speed back up to the mark.   

Tip 1 – Clear out any junk files

Games become slower when your mobile device gets bogged down with too many Cashes, Cookies, and Temp Files. If you obtain “iPhone Care Pro for Mac,” you can clear-out the dross with ease. Not only will this improve your gaming experience, but it will also improve general device performance too. Once you’ve downloaded the software, launch it, select “Speedup and Clean,” and follow the onscreen instructions.

Tip 2 – Remove any unwanted ads

Using your trusty “iPhone Care Pro for Mac,” once it’s launched, select “Ads Remove” from the main menu. The software will then automatically scan for ads. Tick the tick-boxes against the ads you want to delete, and then just simply click on “Yes” to confirm. 

Tips for a better gaming experience on Android devices

Android devices are no different from any other mobile device is as much as they all slow down with the passage of time. Yes, you can get quicker processors, enlarged RAM and fast, flash storage which will extend faster running, but eventually, your device will slow down. Here are a few things you can do to speed up a device powered by Google.

Reset your Android device to its original factory settings

Although quite radical, this fix for a slowed-up device can prove very effective. However, before you do it, to prevent losing everything forever, you have to ensure to back-up your files to a PC, a Mac, or to Google Android back-up. To do this on any Android device, go to “Settings,” “Backup and Reset” and “Factory Data Reset.”

Using a clean-up App

If you don’t fancy trying the factory reset route, you can opt for a bespoke clean-up App, and one of the best is Cheetah Mobile’s Clean Master (Boost & AppLock). You can get it from Google Play. Once you’ve download and installed the software, launch the program and follow the instruction on screen.

As with the iPhone Care Pro for Mac, you can clear junk files by tapping “Junk Files.” Once the scan is complete, tick any files you don’t want and hit the “Clean Junk” button. 

The next option you have is to remove any unwanted Apps. Tap “App Manager” and scan. Once again, select the tick boxes against the Apps you want to erase, and uninstall them one by one.

Last but by no means least, you should run the antivirus tool to remove any nasties that could be slowing your device down.   

Download your App and enjoy

The mobile Apps that Mrgreen offers for iPhones and Mac devices have been carefully designed to ensure you get the very best possible online gaming experience. Download them today and enjoy!