Managing Storage onXbox One External Hard Drive

Your Xbox One external hard drive may be exploding with data. A lot of heavy games and apps may be taking a lot of space more than usual. Well, it is time to get rid of those extra MB’s. When your Xbox One external hard drive is running low on space, start with uninstalling less frequently used games and apps. Save any data that is important to you on Xbox Live, freeing your hard drive from extra memory.

How to Check Free Space?

To check free space on your Xbox One:

  1. Go to games and apps
  2. Home > choose My games & apps
  3. On the left side, you will be shown a meter which will tell you the remaining space on your Xbox One external hard drive.

You must remember that even though you have no games installed, you still will not be able to see full 500 GB or 1 TB memory. This is because Xbox occupies some space for system files.

How much storage does Xbox One have?

Xbox One contains a storage of 500 GB and 1 TB internal memory. Games and apps use thismemory. However, some space might be left for console software, saved games, and system functions.

Storage on hard drive and storage on cloud

To avoid losing your game when you change your Xbox, or when you play from another place, you can save it online. Xbox Live lets you save your game position and personal data from games and apps as long as you are signedinto Xbox Live.

Something noteworthy is that when you are playingoffline, you could put all of your data out of sync. Thus, to keep data synced, a regular connection to Xbox Live is needed.

Setting up Xbox One external hard drive

Before you set up your Xbox One external hard drive, you must make sure that your Xbox Onehas 256 GB or more free space. Apart from that, your hard drive must be able to connect with a USB 3.0. Next, Xbox will ask you to format the device. If you cancel formatting, you can always set it up for later using the following guidelines:

  1. Open the guide and choose System> All settings> System> Storage
  2. Choose your device and then choose Format for games & apps.

Playing media from Xbox One external hard drive

To play media from Xbox One external hard drive, install the app of Media Player. Open Playstore and install Media Player. When you install Media Player, external USB drive will show up. Choose it, and start playing.

Managing external storage on Xbox One external hard drive

You can manage external storage at two levels:

  1. At device level:
  2. Open the guide and choose System> All settings> System > Storage.

At game or app level:

  1. Go to Home and choose My games & apps. Select a game or app, press the Menu option and then choose Manage.