Make Your Own Media Library with YouTube Downloader

No wonder you always refer to YouTube when you need videos and other media. Whether you are looking for videos on historical events or places, need a vintage music video or the latest one, you are a sports lover and love to watch sports events again and again or videos on anything you can think of, the only place from where you can get all this stuff is YouTube. 

Can you imagine that people spend 1 billion hours every day on YouTube? It has over 2 billion users, 500 hours of videos being uploaded every minute and it is the 2nd largest search engine after Google. Find another unbelievable fact about YouTube here

The only issue is that you need internet all the time to get access to videos on YouTube. YouTube Downloader is the solution to make it possible to download the videos on your computer or mobile and can watch them offline.  

How Does It Work? 

YouTube downloader gets the source of the video by using reverse engineering technology on HTML/JavaScript that serves the video. This process enables YouTube movie downloaders to find the source or location of the FLV file that has been provided through YouTube.  

It then uses multiple ways to download that FLV file. It may let your internet browser to start you downloading the FLV file directly. The other way is to convert that file into the cloud and let you download it from there. The second method will allow you to download the video in the format you want. 

Know Which YouTube Downloader You Need

You will find a lot of free online YouTube downloaders but you need to select the one that works great and is the best YouTube downloader online. There are multiple features that a YouTube downloader must-have. You can select the one with these features and the features are as follows. 

  • You can start and stop the downloading 
  • Download videos in bulk or separately 
  • Ability to work with all browsers 
  • Power to elect format and video quality 
  • Download a full channel or playlists 
  • Easy to set up and use 

These features are enough to make you an easy decision on what YouTube video downloader online you should use.  

Why is this Good? 

YouTube Downloader has multiple benefits and the best one is that it allows you to watch your favourite videos offline. Once you download a video, it will remain in your computer or any other device forever and you will have 24 hours access to the video. 

Download Restricted Content 

Majority of videos on YouTube are restricted and you need to create an account on YouTube and sign in to download the video. YouTube downloader lets you download the videos without signing in to your account. 

Download And Convert Into Multiple Formats 

YouTube downloaders have a built-in feature that allows you to download and then convert the videos in popular formats like MP3 and MP4 and some other formats. 

Unlimited Downloads and Resolution Choice

There is no restriction on downloads. Download as much content as you want and make a media library on your computer. You can also download the videos in the resolution of your choice.