Macs or PCs: Which is the Best Hardware for Gaming?

It can be an endless debate that can be tailored to so many different sectors but in the argument of Macs vs PCs, the gaming community has some very clear ideas on the subject. Whether it’s video games for fun, or a whirl at the casino with money at stake, it’s important to have the right equipment to ensure that speed and other key functionalities aren’t going to let you down.

So, to ensure you don’t make an expensive mistake, what is the best hardware in this situation?

Casino Play

MacBook“ (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Christopher Ross

Online operators are likely to tell you that there are no differences between platforms. Of course, they don’t want to isolate a certain set of users so you really need to find impartial advice. Thankfully, most online casinos are now built on web-based technologies such as HTML5 and Flash that perform equally well across both PCs and Macs.

But even if you don’t play online casino too much, even though you have Guts to do it, which is the better set of hardware to use? There are certain advantages with a Mac that are generic no matter whether you’re gaming, online shopping or just browsing and perhaps the most important issue is going to be security.

It is widely acknowledged that Macs are much safer to use than PCs due to the fact that they’re proven to suffer fewer attacks than Windows-based PCs, and, when you consider that your casino account may contain a lot of sensitive information, that’s a benefit that you just can’t ignore.

You also have greater build quality with a Mac, and although they can be more expensive, they are sturdier, have a greater shelf life and will not need to be replaced as often. As for qualities that are specific to casino play, the main benefits come in terms of sound and graphics and those are the same requirements for all gamers.

Video Gaming

MacBook Colors“ (CC BY 2.0) by Kwintin

If you’re gaming just for fun and only play irregularly then a Mac is likely to be equipped enough to meet your needs. Potentially, however, top-end gaming PCs have better functionality in terms of speed, sound and graphics so that option tends to be the preferred choice of those who take things a little more seriously.

It’s worth noting, however, that models such as the Mac Pro or the MacBook Pro already have powerful graphic processors installed while, if you want to boost a standard PC package in order that it can compete, this may come at a hefty price.

Macs may also come, as standard, with better sound and speed and while the initial outlay is higher, bringing a PC up to the same equivalent will, once again, mean that you will pay more in the longer term.

Requirements for discerning gamers may, therefore, edge towards the Mac and the same principle applies to anyone playing seriously at an online casino. If you are going to enjoy the package to its fullest, you want top quality sound and graphics plus a processor that can keep up with the pace and as such, a Mac will always edge it.