Is It Safe To Drive From LA To Las Vegas?

Driving from LA to Las Vegas is an event in itself. Many road-trippers would love to drive from the City of Angels through the desert to the Entertainment Capital of the World. It’s a fun trip filled with sights to see.

But, is it safe to drive to Las Vegas from LA? As with any road-trip, there are many factors that can make a trip unsafe. We’re here to answer every road-tripper’s worries.

Is The Drive From LA To Las Vegas Safe?

Yes, the roads are modern and well-kept. However, it is a long, hot drive through the desert with only a few towns on the way. For people driving at night, the trip can be hazardous. It’s recommended to drive during the day and make sure everything is in order before leaving.

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Tips to Make your Trip From LA to Las Vegas Safer

No matter how safe a trip might be, certain factors can make a drive riskier than it needs to be. The journey from LA to Las Vegas can be a lot less safe if these factors aren’t taken into consideration beforehand.


Driving at night can be dangerous. Even though the trip from LA to Las Vegas is safe, driving at night is never ideal. Plus, the drive through the desert isn’t lit.

Apart from the low-visibility and lack of lighting, anyone who keeps normal sleeping hours may struggle to fight their own circadian rhythms and risks falling asleep at the wheel.


Driving 300 miles can take a strain on anybody, always making sure to be well-rested, hydrated, and fed is essential. Take plenty of water and snacks with! It’s one of the hottest places on earth.

This should go without saying, never drive under the influence or straight after a bender or a big night out.


Taking the road- trip with other people offers the opportunity to swap over, take naps, and have a travel buddy/buddies to keep you awake on the driving shift. Anyway, who wants to go on a road-trip alone?


Due to the popularity of the drive and traffic on the roads on the way to Las Vegas, it’s recommended to leave before 9:30 am or after 5:45 pm. Night drives can prove more dangerous than day drives, so leaving early is probably the safest choice.


To those wishing to have a safe drive from LA to Las Vegas, it makes sense to only drive in a vehicle that is road-worthy and has been recently serviced, topped up with oil, water, and petrol and had the tires pumped.

No one wants to get caught in the middle of the desert, and even though there are plenty of friendly drivers to help out, it’s not an ideal or safe situation in which to be.

Recommended Sights To See On The Way

It’s not just Vegas that has plenty of sights to see, the drive itself has a few worthy pit-stops. Here are some of the favorite LA to Vegas sights:

  • ●  Death Valley
  • ●  Seven Magic Mountains
  • ●  The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame
  • ●  The Bonnie & Clyde’s Death Car
  • ●  The World’s Tallest Thermometer Conclusion Driving from LA to Las Vegas is an experience. Follow these tips, keep safe and hydrated, and the drive shouldn’t be a bad one.