Improve your sales with these amazing Shopify apps

If you are an entrepreneur, you probably already know how hard it is to find useful resources for free. That is why Shopify comes as a salvation for many ecommerce business owners. As such, the Shopify App store has over 1400 applications, and all of them can be used to generate more revenue.

Today we have selected some of the best Shopify apps and we are here to share the list with you. If you are a Shopify store owner you might want to download some of them and put them to use.


Exchange by Shopify is a great tool for all store owners and people who want to become one. With Exchange you can buy or sell a Shopify store right away. All you have to do is sign up and browse through the collection of available stores. Shopify will also provide all the data related to traffic and revenue so that potential  buyers will be able to get all the information they need.

Sumo List Builder

This application is made to help you earn more email subscribers. A bigger email list means more customers which means a higher profit. Therefore, it is in your interest to increase the number of email subscribers. Sumo List Builder comes with a number of features that should help you earn more subscribers, such as:

  • Scroll box: this small box pops up in a corner when a viewer is scrolling through your store. This box is more discreet than the traditional messages, so it shouldn’t annoy the visitor.
  • Welcome Mat: this one is a bit more obvious and it appears when there is a new viewer on your site. It covers the entire window and most of the times you can use it to promote certain offers.

Bulk Discounts

Special offers are known to attract customers and Bulk Discounts can help you generate them. With one click you can get anything you want such as codes that can be single-use, limited or unlimited use that will expire in time. The app can be also used to delete discount sets or export them as plain text.

With Bulk Discounts you can also calculate the conversion rate of discount sets and you can choose to give each discount set a custom prefix. The app can be also used to keep track of how many discounts you have used.


Aftership helps you keep track of all your orders. Since you need to be able to track these orders during the shipping process you can do so with this app. Aftership will show the tracking designs in the store and it will also notify the customers when the package is out for delivery, still in transit, delivered or other exceptions such as shipping delays.

With Aftership you should be able to track all your shipments since the app works with a big number of couriers. You can use it with Fedex, USPS and UPS, but you should also know that it works with over 335 couriers.