How to play Guardian Druid class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Enough time has passed since the release of the major Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft for many players to approach the final character development for the current expansion and have mastered enough mechanics and development methods to share them with less experienced players in large and detailed guides.
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Who is the Guardian Druid class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Druid Guardian is a character that can act as a tank and absorb the most damage due to high physical defense and strong health. The druid can constantly use an active skill to increase protection against physical damage, use healing, the effectiveness of which depends on the mastery characteristic.

With a combination of high level and quality equipment, the Druid becomes an autonomous unit that is very difficult to penetrate and has no problems with resources to maintain his health and physical protection.

The class is especially effective in raids, against bosses with physical attacks and melee damage.

What has changed with the main skills of the Guardian Druid class in the Dragonflight update

The Spiky Fur skill now generates Rage based on your Haste and the total damage taken.

The circle of life and death that enhances the skill, which increases damage and healing, now correctly works together with the Crush skill, which uses your resources and deals damage to the enemy and at the same time reduces its attack potential.

Steel Spikes is a new skill that deals damage to enemies based on the Druid’s Armor and works in conjunction with Ironfur, a skill that greatly increases the Guardian’s defensive potential and deals increased damage to enemies when combined.

Advantages of the Guardian Druid class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

  • High health and fast recharging of key skills, which allow you to reduce incoming damage and predict the damage that you will receive in the heat of battle.
  • An Ironfur skill that can absorb massive damage at the expense of agility and versatility and turn the Druid into a virtual stronghold for physical damage.
  • Many universal abilities that allow you to use rage as the main energy of the Druid class to heal yourself and allies, and apply the main talents of the class on enemies and allies in a random order due to the Call Spirits skill.
  • Many skills that strengthen the group in the raid due to noticeable stat boosts and the ability to resurrect one of the allies by using key skins.

Disadvantages of the Guardian Druid class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

  • The main emphasis in dealing damage to the enemy is inflicted due to periodic, rather than directed damage.
  • The almost complete lack of skills to control the target.
  • There are no flexible talent options for a more varied character play.

Characteristics and priority of their enhancement for the Guardian Druid class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Each character from the world of WoW has its own special basic parameters that develop along with leveling up and affect the overall potential of each class. Parameters can be enhanced by buffs, boosters and food and various equipment.

Characteristics worth developing for a Druid:

  • The item level is the total strength of the equipment and weapons that you can get in World of Warcraft. Usually good equipment can be obtained in raids, or order crafting, and sometimes even a minimum level of equipment is required to gain access to dungeons. Due to the high values of equipment, you can achieve a high rate of armor, and hence the attack, taking into account all the features of the Druid class with the Guardian specialization.
  • Armor is a parameter responsible for the distortion and absorption of incoming damage. It has a positive effect on the main potential of the Guardian class – to absorb damage from opponents and protect allies.
  • Agility – despite the fact that it is primarily an offensive parameter, agility has a positive effect on various mechs – skills that absorb damage and accumulate rage for counterattacks. The higher the characteristic, the less damage the Druid will receive and the more it will return to the enemy.
  • Endurance is a general stat that affects resistance to debuffs, chance to be knocked down or stunned, and increases the overall health of the Guardian Druid class.
  • Speed – the higher this indicator, the more damage the character can block and the stronger and more effective the mobility and attacking potential of the Guardian class is combined with defense. Directly affects most defensive skills and allows you to quickly approach enemies for melee combat.
  • Versatility is a characteristic that evenly develops the attack and defense of the class starting from the first level and strengthening when gaining experience for the next segment. This parameter directly affects the difference in attack and defense in terms of the ratio of the Druid and his goal and makes it possible to evenly develop his attacking potential without sacrificing defense.
  • Mastery is a skill that directly affects the strength and effectiveness of all skills that the hero uses in combat and while farming. All offensive skills will deal more damage and have a chance to deal double damage and proc with a critical force. Defensive and healing skills will have a chance to proc in a stronger form and have a longer duration.
  • Critical hit is a parameter that directly affects the attacking potential due to the ability to deal double damage with a certain chance. Due to critical damage, the character will be able to level up faster and more efficiently alone with the help of grind and skills to block damage and accumulate rage for subsequent enemy counterattacks.

Try not to ignore all the benefits for a Druid with the Potions and Food Guardian specialization. You can overclock key class stats with special alchemy potions and products, where the amount of boost depends on the quality of the materials used in their production. You can use slots for your character and learn alchemy and cooking, or just buy all the necessary boosters.

It will be especially nice to increase the mastery parameter, which will allow you to achieve a strong increase in mech skills and increase the defensive and counterattack potential of the Guardian Druid class in World of Warcraft even more for raids and PVP, as well as solo and group pumping.