How to Manage Your Music Library

A personal music library was always a dream of music lovers. First we wanted to gather a collection of vinyl records, later — CD disks, and now all the music we have can be stored on a computer on in the cloud. How to manage your audio library so that you can find and play any song in a few clicks? We have prepared several tips to show you how to keep your music files organized even if they have always been a mess.

Sort It Out By Style

It is hard to find someone who hates music, but we must admit that music lovers differ a lot. Some people can live with top-100 songs of all times for years, others keep their finger on the pulse and wait for something new every week. In case you have more than 500 music tracks, we recommend you to sort them out by style.

Sort Your Music Library By Mood

Sorting your music files by playlists is one of the most popular ways to keep them organized. Any music player or cloud service allows you to make a bunch of playlists for leisure, jogging, work or gym. If you have never tried to organize your music library, try this first.

If you need something more advanced, we’d recommend you to reorganize your music folders structure. Checking all of your music folders will take time, but it is also the initial step to keeping your music files in order. And here are few guides from Apple and CNet on how to organize your music library.

Four Ultimate Tips to Manage Your Audio Library in a Day

Organizing your music files by duration or playlists is a good idea, but there is a bunch of other tricks you can use to organize your music library.

1. Identify and label all unnamed files. Those files create a mess in your audio library. All these No_name, No_name_2 and No_name_3 will not help you to keep it organized. You can download special utilities and check all unnamed files.

2. Meta Tags. Music metatags is the same thing as tags on Instagram or YouTube. Sometimes there is no need to make a new playlist, but attaching some meta tags to a certain folder, music file or artist will do a lot of good. For instance, you can attach an artist’s photo to his album or some photos of you and friends with your memories.

3. Do not forget to check your audio library for duplicates. Duplicated music can steal gigabytes of free space on your Mac so we highly recommend you to get rid of them. Check out this article explaining the best way of cleaning your Mac from duplicated music.

Managing your music library will be a pleasure when you keep it nice, simple and organized. Spend maximum a day to organize your music files — you will thank us later.