How to Build Your Own Home Theater

If you are into movies or video games, upgrading your visual room and gadgets into a home theater can bring you extra excitement and enjoyment like what you experience in a big theatre. Having your own home theater lets you bring that cinema experience in your home, allows you to stream your favorite movies and audio, without having to deal with time limitation or going through a big crowd. 

So if you are planning to get this comfortable experience, here are some tips on how to build one in your brown home:

Choose a dedicated location or space

A dedicated space will serve as the only place for you to watch movies or videos on a big screen. This will also entail proper selection where there will be no distraction from foot traffic within your household, you will not get distracted with cooking sounds and food aroma from the kitchen, and there should be enough floor space for furniture and home theater equipment. Space should also allow you to maintain an appropriate distance from your screen.

Have ambient light source controlled

Ambient light refers to light coming from outside of your home theater space. In your designated entertainment space, your goal is to minimize ambient light coming through as this can reduce the quality of video projection especially if you will be using a video projector. If the ambient light is inevitable, you will have to acquire a high lumens projector. So if you are just starting to build that room, the best is to prevent any ambient light. If this is not possible, you can install curtains that can block light. 

Make the home theater look and feel like more than a cinema

If your vision of a home theater is one with carpeted floor and velvet walls, tiered seats, and a popcorn machine, go ahead and fulfill your dream. You can plan for the best viewing and seating, no blockage, no light, and not too far away. Whenever you see a blockage, you can adjust by making your seating raised. Then, of course, since this room is for you to sit back and relax, choose a comfortable seat where you can lean or rest your whole body while watching.

Control sound within the home theater

For best audio results and experience, take note that sound bounces around your home theater room’s flooring, ceiling, and walls, which should be prevented. Movie theatres make sure that audio inside is surrounded. One of the best ways to achieve quality sound is to place your speakers somewhere around the area, they can be built-in speakers mounted on your walls so they will not cause blockages. This is also good because the sound distribution will be balanced inside the whole room. You can also have a carpeted wall, or install soft materials or draperies or install something soft and cushiony to absorb the sound. 

Make the signals flow

Traditional home theatres would show Bluray or DVD players. Nowadays, Bluetooth and wifi signals are enough to make the equipment communicate with each other to deliver pictures and sound. If you are using wired connections you may consider hiding these wires through a wire mold. But everything can be neat if you go for wireless connections.

So, if you’re still thinking of hitting the movie theatres, a home theater can bring this experience for you right inside the comfort of your home. Your ability to build a home theatre system can be very personal, customized based on your interests and needs. This is what it brings to you, tailored just fit for your planned equipment, furniture, and design.