How Much Will Solana Be Worth in the Next 3 Years?


Over the past few years, Solana has managed to capture the imagination of traders around the globe. Solana was designed to be the solution for Ethereum’s slow movement. During its initial days, it was thought of as the killer of Ethereum. But since then, investors have only seen the blockchain project bubble pop. As a result, finding a reliable Solana to USD exchange price prediction might be challenging.

Solana’s price has been hit along with other crypto markets. But still, it’s exciting, taking into account “The Merge” that took place in 2022 for the Ethereum network, narrowing the gap between the two projects drastically. Due to this, it’ll be exciting to see how this will play out over the next three years and more. Let’s discover how much Solana will be worth in the next three years.

Solana Price Technical Analysis

Solana’s overall market sentiment is predominantly positive, with a “Purchase” recommendation. The crypto needs to surpass the $20.65 mark, which could then stretch it to $25 for the market to confirm the bullish trend. Technical indicators are fully behind this bullish stance, with seven signals showing a “Purchase,” one suggesting “Neutral,” and one indicating “Sell.”

A few major metrics provide a hint at an overbought scenario, suggesting caution. The average true range (ATR) denotes less volatility, indicating stable movement of prices. When it comes to moving averages, a mixed image is painted. Short-term moving averages, including MA20, MA10, and MA5, suggest a bullish sentiment.

On the other hand, longer-term averages, including MA200, MA100, and MA50, show a more bearish neutral outlook. Particularly, MA100 and MA50, both exponential and simple, lean towards the “Sell” recommendation.

Solana Price Prediction for 2024

The prediction for early 2024 shows the price will be $21.17. The peak and lowest Solana rates are forecasted to be $21.57 and 20.74. In mid-2024, the average price is expected to be $28.54. The lowest and highest might be $19.18 and $23.86.

In December 2024, analysts and crypto market experts believe the average price will be $34.09. The highest and lowest will be $27.12 and $20.15.

Solana Price Prediction for 2025

In early 2025, Solana’s price is expected to be $35.91. The highest and lowest prices being $30.41 and $22.97. Solana’s price in mid-2025 is predicted to be $45.0. The lowest and highest prices being $46.84 and $37.07. Solana’s average price is expected to be $55.93 in December, while $66.55 and $53.99 should be the highest and lowest prices.

Solana Price Prediction for 2026

Crypto market experts have analyzed Solana’s prices across the previous years. You should expect the average price-$58.24, highest-$68.80, and lowest-$56.28 in early 2026.

From May to June you should expect the average-$69.81, maximum-$80.03, and minimum-$67.72. And in December, the average price will be $83.68, highest-$93.50 and lowest- $81.44.

You should only expect Solana’s price to increase in the future. Solana has launched several NFT projects, including Degenerate Ape Academy, that will help boost its price in the next three or more years.