How Does League Of Legends Esports Work?

League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer eSport battle arena game released in 2009. Since then, League of Legends has become one of the biggest eSport games worldwide, and without it, this sector would not be where it is today. Therefore, if you want to get into eSport, League of Legends is a better place to start. Keep on reading to find out how LoL works.

Ranks in League of Legends

To separate the best League of Legends players from new ones, the game uses a ranking system. This ranking system places all players worldwide into a tier and division depending on their ability and performance. It can be challenging to understand for new players joining LoL.

The new players keep on wondering how many ranks are there in LoL. How can one transition from one level to the next? How many players transition to the top level? To answer all your questions, League of Legends rank has everything explained for you. You will learn how you can transition from one rank to the other. They also have detailed information about every rank.

League of Legends Is A MOBA

League of legends comes in different genres of games. It is categorized as Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). This means that this game is multiplayer, with five participants in each team playing against another team of five players in every game. The game is played online; therefore, it groups and matches together after joining an online queue.

However, for tournaments, contests are played offline to reduce delay. A battle arena means there is a fixed location where the competition occurs. This is referred to as Summoner’s Rift.

Summoner’s Rift

This is the map in the League of Legends, and it is also known as the Rift for short. Riot Games uses the word Summoner for its players, where they call the champions they want into the battle arenas to compete on their behalf.

The game has more than 150 champions to choose from. During competitions, a player chooses a unique champion to join their team of five players. When the game begins, five of the player’s champions move to their respective bases.

Game Play

Every champion within the LoL has five abilities they can use in the battle. One is a passive ability, three are normal abilities, and another is an ultimate ability that players earn over time. Players begin each match at a low level and acquire experience during the match to reach a maximum level of 18.

Reaching champion level in matches allows players to unlock their special abilities and use them. Each ability is unique for each player. Since champions are controlled individually, each one moves independently. Some champions can move faster than others and have the ability to enhance their movement. Players control the champions using their keyboard and mouse.

You control the movement by right-clicking your mouse somewhere on the screen. This passes a command to the champion you are controlling. The champion will go ahead and find its way to the location you clicked on its own. However, if you issue another command by clicking, the champion ignores the first command.


When you right-click on an enemy, your champion will begin moving towards the enemy. After they get near the enemy unit, they will start attacking the rival automatically. This is referred to as a basic attack or auto-attack.

Some champions will use swords, shoot bows, guns, or use fists to attack the enemy. Some champions will auto-attack slowly while others will auto-attack quickly. Melee champions must be very close to the unit to be able to auto-attack. On the other hand, ranged champions can start auto-attacking the enemy at a distance.

Auto-attacks are the same for all players depending on whether they are melee or ranged abilities makes the champions different. These abilities can do different things, such as slowing down the enemies. Other abilities can target allied units. Others can heal allies, speed them up, or shield them from attacks.

However, all these abilities have cool-downs that limit their use. Most E, W, Q abilities have short cool-downs, which means a player will have to wait a few seconds before using the abilities again. R or ultimate abilities have many cool-downs, normally one to two minutes. The kit is the term used to refer to the champion’s collective group of abilities.

That is how the League of Legends works. LoL is a series of games that you will enjoy playing. What are you waiting for? Purchase it and start playing today!