Do I Need to Hire an Emergency Plumbing Company?

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to have a plumbing emergency. After all, pipes can burst or clog at any time, and it could be days before you notice the problem. That’s why most plumbing companies offer emergency services. Watch for the warning signs and contact a professional plumbing service as quickly as possible to prevent secondary damages, such as flooding and mold growth. 

You’re Not Trained for Plumbing Emergencies

Yes, this might sound obvious. However, many people hit up YouTube and head to the hardware store to make a “quick repair” on their own, later to find out that they made the situation much worse. This is more common if it’s a weeknight, weekend, or a holiday as people want to try to solve the problem on their own to save some money and try to save from having to call out a professional at an inconvenient time. 

You may automatically think an emergency plumber is out of your price range. However, professionals are trained to work under pressure, such as working in sewage or water that won’t stop. In some cases, such as sewage or any dirty water, it’s not safe. 

You don’t want to make the problem worse. Additionally, when a licensed plumber does not complete it, your homeowner’s insurance might not cover the current or a future claim, leaving you holding the total bill. 

Save Money

Yes, as mentioned above, emergency services can cost more money than pre-planned maintenance and repairs. However, the cost of repairing it yourself incorrectly and the expense of secondary damages can put the cost of hiring a professional much lower. Along with insurance companies requiring a licensed plumber to handle major repairs, local laws might have similar regulations. 

Even if you save money immediately, a temporary fix can create costly repairs later on. If these problems arise when you’re ready to sell your home, you’ll need to have extensive renovations done, which is much more expensive than fixing it with a professional the first time around. 

Prevent Mold and Mildew Contamination  

If you notice leaking, even if it’s small, it can create enough moisture for mold and mildew to flourish. What you don’t see behind walls and tucked away under cabinets is where there’s danger. Both contaminants can make people, especially babies and young children, very sick. You don’t have to open the area up or remove sections for the mold spores to spread. Any movements can cause the spores to disperse into the air, allowing them to expand the contamination area. 

Professionals check the air for mold particles and wear protective eyewear and other clothing when opening areas with contamination and making repairs. Although you might want to get rid of the mold or mildew immediately, repairs come first, or it will come back. The plumbing company can connect you with mold and mildew removal specialists that will partition off the area in question, remove all visible mold, and decontaminant all surfaces to make your home safe again. 

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