Denver DUI Lawyer Reveals the 4 Best Personal Breathalyzer Apps of 2019

Getting pulled over by law enforcement is perhaps one of the biggest fears drivers who are also drinking enthusiasts worry about. But if you’re stable minded, you will worry more about your safety and that of other road users as well as pedestrians before you think of driving yourself home when you have a drink or several. Forgive the seemingly harsh tone, but alcohol is not your mother’s porridge, neither is it your wife’s blended juice. This is because what it does best is that it impairs your judgment when your level of consumption reaches a certain point and can lead you to believe that you’re fit to drive while in the real sense you’re not.

Well, in the first place, driving under the influence, which is sometimes called drunk-driving or intoxicated driving is a law offense in most places, including states such as Colorado in the US. If you’re arrested on suspicion of DUI in Denver, CO, you have the right to refuse to take a breathalyzer test. However, the same officer who pulled you over and arrested you could claim that you were overspreading or driving recklessly (which could also be true). Trent Trani, a seasoned Attorney from in Denver, says that DUI cases are one of those types of cases that offer prosecutors a clear win. For this reason, it is best to avoid the worst in advance by gauging yourself to find out whether or not you’re fit to drive after having a drink or two.

But did you know that you could avoid all this trouble by simply using a cell phone app? Well, in case you didn’t, they are available. These handy applications utilize cutting-edge technology to tell the amount of alcohol in your breath, which normally correlates with the level of alcohol in your blood. Using such a personal app installed on your phone, you can avoid hefty fines, penalties, and other consequences that come with driving drunk. Additionally, alcohol breath tester can help you become a more responsible driver while at the same time improving your safety. On this note, here are the 4 best personal breathalyzer apps as revealed by a seasoned DUI attorney in Denver.

1. BACtrack Mobile Pro Breathalyzer

BACtrack Mobile Pro was developed and introduced in 2013 by BACtrack Breathalyzers, a San Francisco, CA-based company that specializes in providing breathalyzers to help drivers and other individuals make better decisions while or after drinking. Despite the fact that they have an assortment of portable breathalyzer devices, this was typically their first development, an iPhone app that could transform your smartphone into a breathalyzer. It basically works alongside a hand-held device that is wirelessly paired with your smartphone. All you have to do is breath into the device and the app will estimate your blood alcohol level (BAC) within a matter of seconds. Based on the results, the app is able to tell you when your BAC will be back to zero and whether or not it is safe to drive. The company has since also developed quite a number of other breathalyzer apps, including BACtrack C6 Keychain, BACtrack C8, and BACtrack Skyn (wearable), among others.

2. Breathaleyes

Unlike most other breathalyzer apps that rely on entered details or breathe sensors, Breathaleyes uses your iPhone’s camera to detect natural bodily signs of intoxication such as (involuntary) eye movement to determine your BAC. To do this, the camera records your Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) and it is known to have an effective range of between 0.02% and 0.20% BAC. You get the results immediately and you don’t need a network connection to use it. With this utility, you don’t need to carry an extra device to track your alcohol content or level of intoxication. Just like BACtrack apps, however, Breathaleyes will cost you some bucks to acquire.

3. Floome App

This is another handy app that allows drivers to measure their blood alcohol concentration levels in a breeze. It also gives the user an estimate of the time it will take for BAC to go back down to the legal/safe limit. According to Techcrunch, the app can tell how drunk you are. To use the Floome app, you don’t even have to have the physical breathalyzer device from Floome. All you need is to enter your consumption details, set parameters such as height, weight, age, and gender, and the app will give you the crucial details within seconds.

4. Android Breathalyzer

Available for android smartphone users, Breathalyzer is an app that employs Watson’s formula to determine the level of alcohol in your blood using various parameters. If your BAC level is too high to drive safely, the app warns you and even projects an estimate of the amount of time you should wait for you to drive safely after the alcohol levels have gone down. It also comes with other features such as “wake me up”, which is designed to wake you up automatically after the intoxication levels go down enough to let you drive.

In summary, driving drunk can come with a whole lot of risks and consequences. For this reason, it is highly important to avoid drinking and driving when you can. The above apps can help you to gauge yourself and decide whether you should call an Uber or get a taxi after an episode of drinking.