Choosing the Best Animated Explainer Video for Your Need

Your explainer video should represent your brand, which is why choosing the right type of explainer video is crucial. While animated explainer videos have increased in popularity in recent years, there are different types of explainer videos out there.

Explainer videos reduce customer queries, improve conversion rates, and increase user understanding. One of the more important things to take into account when creating an explainer video is style. When people see your video, they need to perceive your brand, which style can help with.

To choose your explainer video’s appropriate style, you should consider what you wish to convey and the style that would best support that. Here, we’ve going to look at three different styles of explainer videos so you can go with the most appropriate one for your brand.

Traditional Animation

An animated explainer video is entertaining, engaging, and playful. Animation enables you to tell stories without drilling a huge hole in your budget. You could even choose space as your video’s main location if you wanted to. In fact, in terms of cost, there would be no difference between setting it in space and setting it in an office. There’s no limit to what you can do with animation, and it’s one of the key reasons why 44 percent of marketers mainly use animation explainer videos.

When creating this kind of video, you need to decide whether to go with 2D or 3D. The former is likely more recognisable and are more cost-effective. 3D animated videos are less popular, largely due to the expense, but then you can use this to your advantage, as if you do go down this route, you’ll stand out from your competition.

A custom animated explainer video can develop a personal connection with your prospects, which can encourage video shares.


There are a number of reasons why whiteboard videos may have increased in popularity: they enable you to portray topics with basic imagery, they’re easy to make, and they’re inexpensive.

Whiteboard videos allow you to show users your story in real-time. This transparency is fantastic for engagement, as viewers remain engaged because they’re keen to know what will happen next.

While other types of explainer videos might be more visually appealing, the beauty of whiteboard videos is in their simplicity, as they allow viewers to learn in a way that’s similar to a classroom setting. This makes these videos ideal for pitching ideas and concepts.

Stop Motion

These videos are created with multiple photos or one or more objects, with slight motion created between the photos, resulting in an illusion of movement.

As that description may have hinted at, these videos aren’t easy to make, so you should be certain of your concept before getting started. It takes. A lot of skill and expertise to make a strong stop motion video, which explains why these videos are usually expensive.

Despite the extra time and money, a stop motion video is a beautiful finished product that does a great job of capturing the attention of your viewers.