Casino Terms for Novices: RTP, Free Spin, Scatter and Others

Virtual casino gambling is becoming increasingly popular. Individuals who are new to this field can easily encounter gambling terminologies that are entirely unfamiliar to them. Gambling can be intimidating if you have no idea what all those terms you can find at SpinCity Casino mean. Knowing a few keywords and phrases can improve your performance when you start playing.

Some Casino Terms for Novices

If you are a novice, sit tight as we help you familiarise yourself with some of the most basic gambling terms you need to know for an enjoyable and profitable iGaming experience.

  • Return to Player (RTP), also known as Payout Percentage, is the amount that will theoretically be returned to players over a certain period. One can infer a lot about the likelihood of winning from a slot machine’s RTP (Return to Player) value. All gamblers must keep in mind that for representing this value a certain percentage is used. While land-based casinos typically have an RTP of 60 to 70 per cent, virtual casinos almost universally have RTPs of 90 per cent or higher. 
  • Balance is the money that is currently on a player’s account. It is the amount one can use to place bets with and participate in games.
  • A Bet is a single wager in a gambling game. A single game may accept multiple bets. 
  • Random Number Generator (RNG) – is a specific software used in online slot machines to establish the losing and winning combinations and ensure that every spin’s result is random.
  • Beginner’s Luck, also known as novice luck, is a winning streak that can occur for new gamblers.
  • A Progressive Jackpot Slot Machine is one in which the payout grows larger and larger with each spin.
  • Bet Max is a game, in which players may wager a maximum amount.
  • Blinds are mandatory wagers that players must place in hold’em poker. The wager is typically two but can be three as well.
  • Calling refers to making a call to match an existing wager. Usually, this is followed by someone increasing the current wager.
  • Chips are coins used to place bets that serve as money tokens. The denominations of these tokens range widely.
  • Classic Slots, also known as Fruit Machines, are the first slots with three reels that resembled those found in casinos. Numerous people use fruit as symbols, thus the name “fruit machine.”
  • A Dealer is a person in the casino who deals (shares) the cards to the players.
  • Card Counting is a player’s trick which lies in keeping track of the cards dealt in a game of blackjack that can help gamblers predict the cards that will be dealt next. If done correctly, card counting can give players an advantage over the house.
  • An Advantage Player is a gambler who can beat the house legally in some way. The term typically refers to blackjack players who are proficient card counters. Also, one can use it to describe players of craps who employ dice control or blackjack players who are adept at getting the most out of bonuses and comps.
  • A Deposit is the money players need in their accounts to play.
  • Double Down is a wager equal to the size of the initial wager.
  • “Free spins” is a phrase you can use to describe a player’s winning unpaid spins as a bonus to be used on particular slots.
  • High Roller, also known as the Whale, is a player who makes significant financial commitments. Who or what constitutes a high roller depends on the particular casino.
  • Bonus is a reward provided to players to encourage ongoing play, encourage them to switch up their routines, and increase their chances of winning. 
  • The House Edge represents a portion of every wager and shows the casino’s slight advantage over the player.
  • Tapping Out is a situation when a player stops playing and placing bets. It might also occur if a player completely blows their bankroll.
  • A Jackpot is the largest prize on a slot machine or any other game. They are typically found in progressive slots or side bets.
  • A Reel is a location, typically a column, where slot machine symbols are placed to create winning combinations.
  • Scatter Symbol is a slots’ symbol, which can appear on any line, anywhere on the reels and, frequently start free spins.
  • Face Card is one of the cards with a face on it. Examples of these are jacks, kings, and queens.
  • Payline is a line on slot machines whose main purpose is determining a winner. A series of symbols is typically used to accomplish this.

There are numerous terms used in the gambling industry today. These fundamental concepts will guide you and make gambling more enjoyable. 

Do You Want to Become a Casino Expert?

As you play frequently, you’ll also pick up a few tips, especially from other players at Spin Casino. Always ask questions if necessary, and you’ll become an expert in no time!