Best iPhone Photo-editing Apps

The phones available on the market now are absolutely crazy. The multiple functions available for use make having a phone a must. You have your calendar, radio, mail, and games. You can do just about anything on your phone nowadays. Phone calls and instant messages are some of the additional features, as well as being able to connect to the internet. Over three billion people possess mobile devices. Yes, you read that right, three billion!!!

One of the most attractive features that bring customers is arguably the camera. This has meant that people no longer need to buy actual cameras. This is because the cameras installed on cellular devices are just as good and competitive. The picture quality is exquisite. Most music videos and movies are now shot using cellular cameras. The traditional giants in the cellular industry also provide some of the best devices that come with insane Megapixels and best online slots real money app Huawei, Samsung, and iPhone are trendsetters. 

As far as photo editing and video recording are concerned, the iPhone is unrivaled. The A14 Bionic chip makes the iPhone extremely faster at processing the same material that would otherwise take longer on Android devices such as Samsung and Huawei. The chip can process eleven trillion operations a SECOND!!!!

It then comes as no surprise that some of the best photo editing apps are better experienced on an iPhone. Here are some of the best applications to fully take advantage of the A14 chip.


Most importantly, it is free. It has a lot of professional editing tools and yet is very user-friendly. There are also a variety of filters, including black and white filters, and vintage ones too. 


This one, however, requires a subscription to fully enjoy the functions it offers, particularly for the filters which are more than one hundred. Most professional photographers use it as well to enhance and beautify their photographs. 

Adobe Lightroom CC 

It is equipped with advanced editing tools. However, they cleverly create a user-friendly interface to draw traffic. It is also free of charge; no subscriptions are required. It has perspective correction, color mix tools, selective editing, and curves, to mention just a few of the mind-blowing functions available.  It has a creative cloud that can sync iPhone, iPad, computer, and the web.