Best iPhone Apps for Essay Writers

Do you like writing essays? Maybe you would like to write a review on the latest Kenobi TV series? In any case, writing is hard work that asks for creative thinking and technical skills. And while the former is your responsibility, there are many helpful writing assistants that could help you with the technical side of the question. Especially, if you’re an iPhone user. Without unnecessary rambling, let’s take a closer look at the best iPhone apps for essay writer service.


Ulysses is another name of Odyssey. And the creator of this ancient epic would have appreciated the features this app offers to writers. This app is the number one choice of iPhone, Mac, and iPad writers. It offers a lovely feature of syncing your text documents with iCloud, which narrows the possibility of losing your documents to zero. That also means that you don’t have to manually transfer your files between the devices. Another great feature is the focused writing mode, which eliminates distractions from your screen and helps you write productively. The only downside of Ulysses is its subscription model. But if that’s not a problem for you, go ahead and take advantage of this brilliant writing assistant.


This is an invaluable app for note keeping and general prose writing. Use it if you value the secrecy of your texts because Bear allows you to set Face or Touch ID checks on its files. Such companies as take advantage of this feature to keep your essay order data private. These are some of the other prominent features of this app:

  • In-line image support.
  • Linking between your different files.
  • Highly customizable themes and backgrounds.
  • Convert your files into PDF or Word format.
  • Hashtag support to make navigation easier.

iA Writer

This app is a minimalist’s paradise. Designed to reduce distractions as much as possible, iA Writer still offers a lot of functionality to its users. Syntax control, for example, is a very helpful feature that breaks down your sentences and shows their basic structure. You can also link to other documents, images, and spreadsheets that would be visible on a Preview screen. If your goal is to publish your essays on blogs, iA Writer allows you to post your text directly on WordPress and Medium. Alternatively, you can export them in Word, PDF, HTML, or Markdown formats.


This is a very flexible and highly customizable app that even allows you to attach your own Java scripts and expand the app’s functionality. You can write offline or sync your documents between the devices via iCloud and DropBox support. You can easily share your essays by generating a link to them in plain text, HTML, or PDF format. Another feature that people praise 1Writer for is its rich preview that allows you to see clearly what your document is about.


Is the perfect choice for long-format writers, be it a dissertation, a screenplay, or a book. The best essay writing website would find Scrivener an all-in-all tool for writing academic papers. You can easily make a plan of your work and keep it as notecards in the app. It also allows you to segment your work and reorder the sections of your text. You can use this app for free for the first 30 days or buy a licensed version for 45$.


Is a note-keeping app that gives you many options for organizing your notes. You can pin them, mark them as unread, archive them, or add them to favorites. All your data from the notes is stored via the Apple Cloudkit. No one has access to this data, except you. Another impressive feature of Spaces is the support of highly sensitive gestures that you can use to customize your note-keeping experience. 


Is an app for writing books, which is defined by one of its main features – you can edit chapters of the draft separately. You can also drag and drop your chapters, changing their order with a swift move. Another feature that will be very useful to dissertation writers is the automatic table of contents generation. The premium account costs 9.99$ and gives you unlimited grammar advisor, but you can still use an app for free. Squibler allows you to create notes and sketches and attach them to the text of the main project using tags. Overall, this app helps you write long-read content fast.

Final words

Writing your essays on the go with your iPhone is an efficient way to deal with your academic assignments. But it can be tedious if you use an outdated app not suitable for this type of writing. So, here is a list of the best apps to write in on an iPhone. Pick the one that suits you the most and don’t be distracted by cumbersome analogs you might find elsewhere. Every feature in these apps is designed to make the process of writing easier.