Best Internet Options for Your Home Office during COVID

COVID 19 pandemic has made it a necessity to work from home, but it becomes difficult when your internet does not work correctly. Even as the COVID pandemic eventually decreases, most of the employers will prefer to work from home because many expenses and spending long hours in commuting are cut out. 

Sometimes you struggle to get your task completed in work from home environment, especially when you have to share Wi-Fi or internet with other family members as it may adversely affect your internet speed. Additionally, you require the right physical set up to avoid simultaneous strains that are caused by bad set up. 

If your internet drops out more often, it is the time to look for the best internet options for your home office. The most important thing is which internet service providers are delivering their promises well? We know that not every internet service provider is equal when it comes to quality internet service.

The Best Internet Service Providers for Work from Home 

The essential requirement for work from home is an excellent quality internet. While searching for the best internet service provider, you must focus on companies with a high reputation for speed, reliability, affordability. Internet advisor can give you information about the internet service provider in your area easily, and you can get details of all the packages and plans with a price.    

Why will Employers Prefer Work from Home Even after COVID Pandemic?

Employers like work from home concept because of numerous reasons. Companies save money on amenities and facilities necessary for an office environment. Work from home concept decreases absenteeism, and also there is no chance of spreading illness to other staff members. 

Even employees also prefer working from home because of flexibility in hours, and there is no need to commute, which saves a lot of time and money. Moreover, the feeling of being not bounded in the office increases their productivity. 

Here are various things that make Work from Home Easy

Work from home can be a tedious task if you do not have a superior quality internet facility as well as a physical set up.  Let’s discuss them in detail. 

Superior Quality Broadband Package

The reliability and quality of internet connection in the office help you work effectively, so if you need to be productive like that you are in office, then you must have the same quality of internet connection in your home. If your internet connection is not strong, then your productivity will decrease, and you may become impatient while working. 

Upgrade the modem

The modem affects the internet speed of the connection. Using the old or inferior quality modem on a high-speed internet connection will not allow experiencing the full speed given by your internet service provider. Some ISP’s provide their modem on rent, so in this case, you can contact them to get the better equipment. You can also install your modem, and this saves your rent along with giving you better speeds. There are certain terms of ISP’s for using customer-owned modems, so you must check it before installing another modem.

Check Upload and Download Speed

Many internet service providers provide levels of service, measured by Mbps, which means the amount of bandwidth the user gets. You should check the upload and download speed using various applications.  Sometimes it becomes necessary to acquire more bandwidth for facilitating file sharing, teleconferencing, video editing, and other tasks so you can upgrade the service plan as required.  

Reliable and fast Wi-Fi

Most of the devices we use in our homes now a day’s work wirelessly, and thus it can adversely impact the work from home experience. The internet speed is affected by networking equipment and the ISP service package. Even you are using the high-speed internet package, the slow Wi-Fi or wireless router can degrade the speed. 


Using the same router for many years can affect the internet speed too much extent. It is better to upgrade the router for better speed experience. New routers provide tri and dual wireless networks. The multi-band router can segment the wireless network to improve performance and also enhances security.  Placement of your router can affect the network speed and connectivity to a large extent, and some objects can worse the signals and affect the speed. The ISP provides modem and the router.  So if you try to use your router, then it may degrade the signal speed. 


The urban and suburban regions have a minimum of one high-speed internet provider. The minimum speed required for a better working experience is 50Mbps. Bandwidth also plays major role, and the wired Ethernet connections are the best ones to use, especially incase of bandwidth-intensive work like video. For the basic task of the office, Wi-Fi is excellent.