Best games (gambling) to play

Everyone has their preferred game to play. You too, will eventually develop a taste for one or a few over the others. Wit and deception draw my preferences, so a good card game or a nice round of dominos generally produces an enjoyable evening. When luck is not reminding me my family has none, there are even some satisfying victories to be had.

What will draw your passion will be determined mostly by your preference. After playing the field, you’ll discover what you truly enjoy and what your friends couldn’t pay you to ever touch again. Below is a quick guide that will help you find out your desired preference, courtesy of where you can learn the rules and techniques of every game to maximize your winning potential.


For those that have it, I hear luck offers a wonderful rush of excitement. Naturally, a few tips can increase your odds at winning these games, but for the most part, the fates will decide whether you go home with more or without what you could afford to lose.


A deceptively simple game where bets are placed and outcomes are determined by a ball circling the roulette until it lands on a colored number. Many rich and poor people adore this game, and with a few hedging tips, it can be an enjoyable social experience.


Slots are one of the few games that does not need an explanation. You pull the lever and wait to see if fortune smiles upon you or spits in your face. Where you maximize your results is in choosing a casino with good payout rate. These are set by national regulations in nations where the online casino operates.


A game as old as it is classical. Where roulette is controlled by fate and the dealer, craps put a sliver of chance in the player’s hand as they roll the dice themselves—placing you as a participant in the outcome of your fate. 

-Wit Plus Chance-


There are several variations of poker. Each offering its own unique twist on the game. In some variants, you play against other players and the dealer. Different variants have you play against the dealer. Whether you can swap out a card or not and at what cost offers another element to the game’s various forms.

These simple rules produce subtle, but differing experiences. Yet, the core game remains the same. Win by having the best hand comprised of five cards.

Texas Holdem

Like poker, there are a few variants to the game, but the core mechanic remains the same. With two cards comprising your hand, you have to build a hand with up to three cards from the public pool. This can be done with as few as one card from your hand. Even if the winning hand is purely in the public pool, you will have to have the high card in order to claim victory over other players or the dealer.


To many, blackjack is a game of chance. Movies play this myth up, and comedians use it to great effect in hilarious routines. Still, the reality is underneath the cards’ randomness is a complex and calculated game of strategy involving knowing when to stay, when to hit, when to bet, and when to split. A few simple rules can guild you to a greater chance of victory, but mastering the game will require experience and intuition honed over time. Also, not being unlucky. That helps a lot.