Beginner’s Tips For Playing League of Legend

League of Legends (LoL) is among the most loved online games, with more than 27 million players. But if you have never played MOBA games or multiplayer online battle arenas, they can be a little scary since many gamers will play with you as their fellow pro. 

This article is for you if you’re searching for the best way to learn the fundamentals of the game and get through a match without other participants thinking you an uber-noob. 

This post has compiled the top League of Legends beginners’ tips to help you get started on the right foot. But first, what is League of Legends?

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is one of the leading multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games and is considered one of the best esport games f all time. 

In a typical League game, ten players are divided into two teams (of five each) and compete on the Summoner’s Rift map. Every player controls one character, called a champion.

Beginner’s Tips For League of Legend

Try Different Champions

League of Legends has 154 characters (champions) for players to choose from; there are a plethora of different playing styles and skill sets you can utilize. This makes it difficult to instantly determine the best character or set of skills suitable for you. 

Therefore, you are always recommended to try various positions on your map to see the role you enjoy most.

League of Legends is a highly-competitive esport, and once you begin participating in the ranked games, you’ll typically (but not always) come across seasoned gamers looking to win. As a result, you should always strive to play at your best to match their pace.

Many players discover their favorite characters mistakenly or accidentally, so you must test as many characters as possible.

For beginners, it’s also advisable to start by watching as others play. You can watch them on reliable betting sites like Parimatch lol betting site.

Master the Map

Although it may seem apparent, this tip is crucial to remember. Trying out different diverse roles when you’re still a beginner is essential to help you understand the entire map. However, as you continue playing more, you’ll start to grasp the map automatically.

The map of Summoner’s Rift is not enormous, and it shouldn’t take long to figure out where all the features are. However, you must understand the positions of allied and opponent buffs, significant targets like the Rift Herald, Turrets and Inhibitors, and the Dragon.

It has three lanes; top, middle, and bottom. The forest is located between these lanes. The squad bases are positioned in the upper right corners and bottom left. Your place on the squad will be determined by the character you select and the area of the map you start the match on. 

Below are the most critical locations on the map:

Top: The Summoner’s Rift champion consistently plays in the top lane. G is generally played by melee champions who can deal or take considerable damage, such as tanks or bruisers. or perhaps both at once

Middle: Champions with strong AD (attack damage) assassins or AP (ability power) make up the majority of mid-laners.

Jungle: Junglers move across the jungle, slaying enemies, and can access any three-lane to assist their allies by assassinating an unprepared opponent.

ADC: ADCs are expected to farm minions, gain skills, and buy as many tools and equipment as possible in the early stages of a game to improve their AD.

Support: Support’s essential roles include helping ADCs get kills, keeping them alive, and placing wards to make their team more visible.

  • Each lane has three turrets, with the friendly or hostile Inhibitors 
  • After removing the opponent inhibitors, minions will emerge from the base, and vice versa
  • It would help if you did not approach enemy turrets until you noticed minions beneath them
  • If you deal damage to an enemy while under their turret, they will turn their focus on you. Take caution since turrets can cause substantial damage!

Concentrate on Your Favorite Position  

Once you’re confident that you’ve picked the best position or lane for you, you must concentrate on this position and do your best to master it. The LoL is full of players that adhere to their positions, and it is uncommon to find individuals who can fill all roles.

Ensure you are training to be at per with the other gamers in the game because people continuously get experience at their particular positions or roles.

There are different practices for every role, given the vast number of characters in the game.

Learning the various matchups for most of the champs frequently selected for your role will be necessary if you want to improve and become a good player.

Grasp the Hotkeys

Using hotkeys in LoL will save valuable time and might mean the difference between losing and winning a game, similar to real-time strategy games. Try your best to memorize the following keystrokes:

  • Q, W, E, R: the main abilities
  • Ctrl + Q, W, E, R: Level up the ability (without tapping plus button using your cursor)
  • Alt + Q,W,E,R: Casts spell/ability on yourself (if possible)
  • Shift + Q, W, E, R: Casts spell or ability at the cursor
  • F, D: 1st and 2ndSummoner Spells
  • S: Stop command 
  • Spacebar: focus the camera on the champion, which is helpful in a team battle when things are getting hectic visually
  • G: Send pings to colleagues 
  • Y: Locks or unlocks the camera on your champion
  • B: Recall (travel back to your base)
  • P: Opens a shop window to item prices while you’re away from the base 

Look at the Minimap Frequently 

This is a typical blunder in which both new and experienced players fail to check their minimaps. However, the minimap should provide you with free information.

Your allies will be visible on your minimap, and their location on the map will offer the other teammates a small range of vision. Because most of the map is hidden or dark in the jungle, vision is a crucial tool in the game.

Apart from lanes, there is nothing visible on the map; thus, it is critical to watch on the minimap. Moreover, you’ll be able to see everything around you if you get a vision from allied or allied totems. This will help you respond swiftly and appropriately to help your team if a battle occurs.

Bottom Line 

Esport is quickly gaining popularity worldwide. Today in India, many people, especially the youths, prefer spending extra time watching, betting, or playing LoL. as a result, this post has outlined different tips to help millions of Indians enter the esports space.