Artificial Intelligence and Apple’s Future

Apple has always been known for being at the forefront of innovation and technology adoption. From their first personal computer to the invention of the first iPhone, the innovation of many technological markets and everything else in between, Apple has kept on improving this ecosystem each and every year.

When it comes to Apple and Artificial Intelligence it looks almost as if they are not part of this revolution. When thinking of AI, names such as Google and Facebook are most recognizable, not Apple. Considering that Apple has focused mostly on hardware in the past, their use-case scenario for AI is rather limited. However, with the release of their latest services Apple has started to focus more of their attention on AI.

Considering how Apple has operated until now, the implementation of this technology can surely change the company and it’s products incrementally. With that in mind, we are trying to highlight Apple’s AI future in this article.

Apple Products with AI

Artificial Intelligence is not such an intrinsic part of Apple’s line of products considering that most of them are hardware-based. Still, this smart technology managed to find its way in some products, attempting to improve the user experience and the software element of Apple’s products.

Even if not a market leader in AI-based products, Apple is trying to catch up and neutralize the early-adopter advantage of its competitors by creating better products. Probably the company’s most known and praised AI implementation is in their Phones, and more especially in their Facial Recognition software.

Apple has one of the most advanced Facial Recognition software on the market right now, often seen as the gold standard. Apple is using Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to improve the accuracy of their Face ID function, allowing people to use their face as a password.

Besides its Facial Recognition software, Apple has also made good use of Artificial Intelligence in its digital assistant. Currently, Siri is the most used and most popular digital assistant in the world, powering up not only the iPhones but, also Apple’s HomePod.

Even if not a market leader when compared to similar devices, Apple’s HomePod is still a great product powered by AI, connected to the internet and connected to Siri and Apple Music.

Future Apple Services

Even if Apple’s strategy mostly focused on delivering high-quality hardware products to its users so far, the company has started to shift its whole focal point. This year, Apple announced over 5 products, most of them being purely focused on software. They are all going to be available by the end of 2019.

These upcoming services will be allowing Apple to utilize Artificial Intelligence more in order to understand their users and make the experience better. On the list, there are services such as Apple News+, Apple TV & TV+, Apple Arcade, and even an Apple Card.

However, when it comes to AI, Apple Arcade can represent their playground for the implementation of this technology. The Apple Arcade platform aims to provide users with access to over 100 new and premium games that are exclusive to Apple’s platform. The games are based in the cloud, requiring no extra powerful hardware.

Apple is planning on hiring their own developers to create games that are in-line with their vision. Although is not sure yet, considering that Apple has a new AI division there’s a slight possibility that these games will be packed with new technologies.

When it comes to game developing and Artificial Intelligence, games such as the ones found in online casinos represent an ideal implementation. So far, classic online casinos such as the Gametwist Casino have empowered their users by providing them with access to hundreds and hundreds of fun casino games in a single place.

Now, the landscape is changing, not only in online gambling but, also in all other forms of gaming. More implementation of AIs will allow developers to create powerful gambling bots that will learn from their users, getting better and better. Such a thing can allow regular players to gamble against bots while still having an authentic gambling experience.

If Apple is going to follow this model, we can expect some heavy AI implementations in its latest five products by the end of 2019.


Even if Apple wasn’t at the forefront of innovation regarding Artificial Intelligence, the company is starting to catch up quickly. Apple is best known for innovating markets, and its involvement in AI is simply exciting. Although Apple’s AI implementation is limited right now, because of their new software-based products we might see the company improve and change completely within the next couple of years.