Applications to watch football online on iPhone that you should know

The trend of watching online football is shaping the entertainment style of users today, especially sports lovers. Instead of the old days, we could only watch football matches on television, today, with just a smart mobile phone, football matches will be broadcast live through many different applications. Besides, if you love football betting, you can also easily follow matches and bet through online bookies, with just a few taps, download Betwayto your phone. , you will be free to choose matches and bet on your favorite teams. People are always on the move, so watching football matches online is an idea that is considered to be leading the trend, however, not everyone knows the right applications to satisfy the need to watch football. This article will give you the answer.


Onefootball is the most widely used global football application today. This is a sports application with an interface and configuration suitable for the iOS operating system, not only that, it can be completely integrated for use on TV if you want to watch a football match on a larger screen. At Onefootball, users can find everything related to football, from daily updated football news as well as live streamed matches. In this application, users can receive notifications about information about players, and teams as well as update new news every minute so that users do not miss any important news. As long as you own an iPhone 6s or higher, you will be able to get the full experience when watching football online on the Onefootball app.


Livescore is really famous in the field of football matches streaming, in this application, you can freely choose your favorite leagues as well as watch the matches of that tournament. Matches broadcast on Livescore are played in real-time and scores are updated every second. Not only that, users can still listen to live commentary from the station or from Livescore commentators, while waiting for their favorite matches to be broadcast, users can read the news as well as receive the latest news ratios of reputable experts.

Fox Sports

Fox Sports is the leading reputable application in publishing football matches online. The number and quality of matches in this application is extremely diverse, users can watch football matches in real time, not only that, they can also review these matches if they miss them. through the opportunity to watch live. Fox Sports not only focuses on football, they also develop other sports such as basketball, volleyball, baseball, etc. This app also provides the latest sports news and updates on things. rankings and scores of the teams.

There are many applications to watch online football on Iphone, but depending on your geographical location, financial situation and your needs and interests, find yourself the most suitable application to stick with. as well as to not miss any interesting matches.