Apple Watch Series 6 Review

The newer version of the apple watch series 6 is faster and cheaper, fitted with a new sensor—maintaining its position as the smartwatch king. The watch is available in 40 and 44 mm, with multiple selections of exterior materials and colors. The cheapest type is the aluminum build which retails at $421. And the graphite stainless steel goes at $780. Unfortunately, the device is only compatible with iPhones, so do not think about using it with an android device.

The series 6 comes after the Series 5, which hit the market in 2019. The new watch features a sensor on the back that can detect the saturation of blood oxygen. In addition, the chip is faster, and the screen appears to be twice brighter with the ‘always-on’ mode. This makes the watch easily noticeable when outdoors. With the extensive straps options, the watch is comfortable to wear, with the solo loop and the solo braided loop—big bands that do not have buckles or clasps, and they stretch to pass through your hands.

Operating System

The apple watch series 6 runs on the Apple WatchOS7, which was used in the predecessor series, 3, 4, 5, and SE. the watchOS7 comes with seven new watch faces, and it can also share settings of the built-in watch face with other users of the watch. The more recent update features a voice dictation which is fast in converting speech to text even faster. You can do all these privately without having to connect to the internet. 

There are no issues so far with handling notifications and calls. The watchOS7 has better integration between the watch and the phone, which beats all other smartwatches using the iPhone. Apple also put so much effort into enhancing compatibility. The watch can easily connect to the internet, meaning that apps can be used to total capacity— by using Wi-Fi or being closer to the Bluetooth range. Once you are connected to a network, everything will work perfectly.

With its internet connectivity, you can use the device to browse the web since it does not have a browser. You will send a link to yourself as a message or mail and open the link from the watch. Once the link opens, you can go ahead and check out the best online casinos and play free slots on any device wherever you are. Enjoy a list of casinos that are verified, safe to use with fast withdrawals, and customer privacy is guaranteed. 

Battery And Performance

The series 6 watch features the enhanced S6 chip, which is faster and versatile, making it a better choice than other well-known smartwatches. Compared to the previous versions, the series 6 comes off as 20% faster. This means that the chip is more advanced in performance than the earlier versions. 

The battery life is world-class and pretty much solid. The battery can last for over 36 hours when the always-on mode is turned on, and the overnight sleep tracking feature is on. In addition, it has two manual ECG recordings, manual oxygen recordings, and numerous notifications.

The overnight sleep tracking can take as much as 10% and 125 battery life, and the 25-minute run only consumes 4-5% battery. To fully charge the battery from 0-100%, you will only have to wait for less than ninety minutes, and it can quickly get to 80% within one hour with the USB power adapter, which is quicker than the series 5.


Apple does not give a specific lifespan for the battery cell installed on the series 6. Most batteries within the same performance range can last up to 500 full cycle charges while maintaining a minimum of 80% charge capacity. The replacement for the battery is not expensive, and the cheapest can go for as low as $90—while a watch repaid can cost anywhere between $335 and $430 depends on what model you are using. 

According to, the aluminum material used for the series 6 can be recycled. In addition, the shipment of the device does not include a charge adapter in the package but uses a standard USB cable on the charging puck. Apple also considered their environmental management aspect of production and used renewal energy in the final assembly processes.

Health Monitoring

Series 6 adds a new sensor to measure the amount of oxygen in your blood. This is an extra feature besides the ECG and the heart rate sensors. To test if the feature works, you will manually set the sensor and place your wrist on the table for 15 seconds. After that, it works perfectly and gives accurate readings. 

The recent software update comes with a handwashing feature that uses Artificial Intelligence to detect hand motions and sounds of water, timing you for 20 seconds and entering the data in the Health App. You can check to learn how to set it up. The function also reminds you to wash your hands immediately you are home. 

The rest of the health and fitness functions are similar to the previous versions of the watch. 


The apple watch series 6 has proven itself to be the most functional smartwatch for an iPhone. It integrates well with the iPhone, and action is instant. Its responsive rate is higher than most smartwatches available in the market. You can comfortably wear this device, and you will always be notified about software updates and supported third-party applications. In addition, the health-tracking function has been redesigned to be easy to use and easy to understand. This device can therefore be rated as one of the best smartwatches in the market.