Apple TV Gaming

In late August some people started speculating that Fortnite might have been on its way to Apple TV. Generally, Apple’s devices and services are not known to be best buys when it comes to gaming, and tvOS is no exception.

In 2015, Apple promised some key upgrades regarding gaming on tvOS, in order to better justify the price 179$, which still seems like a bit of a stretch. However, nothing has really changed ever since, with the company seemingly failing to fulfill its promises and meet customers’ expectations.

If Apple is not interested in entering such a market, it should perhaps just focus its marketing strategies and development efforts on something else, as it has always been the case. After all, people have never expected much from a manufacturer who has always worked in a different field of interest. The only problem with Apple underperforming in the gaming category arises when Apple promises to change such a trend, ultimately creating hype around something they’re not truly going to tackle.

Historically, Apple users are mostly not in it for the gaming experience.

No one has ever complained about Apple’s devices being unfit for gaming, simply because no one buying such products was looking for that experience; those who were just diverted their attention and investments towards buying consoles or Windows PC. We’ve all got used to the idea of our macbook or iMac not being fit for a gaming experience other than some indie titles on Steam (provided you can find any), Internet flashgames or slotmachines from online casinos such as redbet.

The problem with tvOS letting gamers down is the fact it set out to be a valuable alternative for them, driving sales because of this, and ultimately turned out to be a regrettable and overpriced purchase.

It is not too late for tvOS to make things right, though. After all, it has had a relatively short life so far, and there’s room for improvement and further upgrades, which might attract new users and do right by those who are already.

This is seemingly happening with big investments in programming – though it is not clear yet where, when and how exactly we’re going to see the results – so we don’t see any reason why changes and investments shouldn’t expand to the realm of gaming, perhaps leading to tvOS becoming the valuable choice for gamers it allegedly aspires to be.