Apple Glasses will bring online casino gaming to life

Online gaming has changed many times over and if we look back at its humble beginnings, it’s impossible not to be impressed. The early casinos were barely able to provide basic games to online punters and live casino entertainment was nothing more than an ambitious dream. Today, we can play at casinos that offer exceptional games with immersive sound and visuals, not to mention live dealer interactions. Things are clearly moving into the right direction and the arrival of virtual reality to online casinos is expected to set another huge milestone for the entire industry, best online casino sites in uae.

High expectations from virtual reality in 2021

Online casinos are investing heavily in the latest technologies that could propel them into the future. Virtual reality falls into this category and it is expected to change the manner in which players enjoy the games. There are already a few software developers and online casinos that have tinkered with VR, but mainly to introduce players to a new way of trying slots. These games are the easiest to benefit from such advancements of technology, as punters compete against the algorithms in a predetermined setting.

With several suppliers working diligently to expand the number of slots compatible with virtual reality, 2021 could represent a turning point. Video pokers, lottery inspired titles and arcade games are also expected to benefit fully from the arrival of VR on a wide scale. These devices needed to enjoy the games are already in place, with Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR headsets having plenty of fans. They don’t cost a lot and are good enough to enjoy casino games in virtual reality but there is room for improvement.

Live casinos are the main beneficiaries of VR

One of the reasons why virtual reality is likely to be the future of online casino gaming is its potential to change the manner people enjoy live dealer action. Interactions between players are already possible via live chat and the same feature can be used to talk to the dealers. While these are important installments that have made live gaming more exciting, they are not enough to substitute direct interaction. Virtual reality will allow players to enjoy the most immersive gaming experience possible from the comfort of their home.

A quick glance at what VR means for current games will highlight the fact that players are fully immersed into a setting inspired by brick-and-mortar casinos. Some of the establishments re-create memorable places, such as Las Vegas casinos and make players feel like they are roaming the venues. For live dealer action this represents a major achievement, since players will see the action at the table in a different light. Interactions with dealers will still be possible via chat or they could talk to them directly using a microphone. All these elements will add a new layer of authenticity and greatly increase the fun factor.