Anatomy of a Great Gaming Chair

What makes a great gaming chair can vary as much as peoples’ taste in video games. Some people prefer a more cushy, relaxed feel maybe to go alongside a nice MMORPG.  Maybe you prefer something that will support your intensity when you’re playing a fast-paced RTS? Maybe you’d like to sit on a stool and minesweeper? Not likely! If you’re a serious gamer then you need a serious gaming chair! 

This article will outline what exactly makes a great gaming chair, and how it can help to enhance your gaming experience, allowing you to reach heights of fun and glory you never thought imaginable. Read on for ‘The anatomy of a great gaming chair’.


A lot of people have polarizing opinions on armrests. Hard or soft, high or low, long or short, and many others. The main thing you want to look for in a good gaming chair is adjustable armrests. This is because factory-built chairs don’t always offer the best settings. So adjustable armchairs are preferable for gaming. Being able to adjust your armrests means you can customize your settings for your exact sitting position, meaning you can shift to get the most comfortable without being held hostage to the position of your armrests. This can also be useful for people with disabilities, temporary casts, or other necessary accommodations. 

Lumbar support

If you plan on going on a multiple hour raid in an MMORPG, or are doing a marathon online with your friends, the right gaming chair can have a big impact on your overall stamina and ability to play for extended periods. Furthermore, if you don’t have proper support when playing for long periods, it can have long term negative health effects. For these reasons, it is important to get a gaming chair with proper lumbar support. There are huge variety of styles of chairs, some with and without lumbar support. Of those with lumbar support features some are adjustable. This URL features reviews of several different leading lumbar support gaming chairs. It also features a breakdown of other pros and cons for each product, which can be extremely helpful in aiding your process of picking a new gaming chair. 


Headrests are useful for making sure that your neck doesn’t get strained from looking at a screen for long periods of time. They are featured on many gaming chair models and usually constitute a higher price point than chairs without them. Headrests can come in a number of materials. These range from soft padding like materials, to plastic, rubber, and other hybrid compounds. This vast array of choices means that you can customize your gaming chair to your exact preferences. Hopefully, this will help you have more comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience. 


The shape of gaming chairs can vary quite a bit. Depending on your body proportions, you may want to look at thinner or wider countered chairs to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible when at your gaming station. This could mean sampling some chairs are local stores and searching online forums for reviews on good countered chairs. The contour of a chair can also depend on the type of material used quite a bit, as some materials are much more flexible or form-fitting than others. Regardless of your body type, there will be a type of counter which makes you feel the most comfortable, and the most ready to game it up. 


Having speakers built into your gaming chair can literally add another dimension to your gaming experience. Being immersed in the sounds of your gaming can make the experience extremely engaging and help you to be the most focused and attentive you’ve ever been. You’ll be able to hear someone behind you when playing COD and react in real-time. Alternatively, you can use the speakers to pump some of your favorite tunes to get you psyched up for your game. 


The ability to recline, or lack thereof regarding your gaming chair can make you break the amount of opportunities you have when choosing the layout of your gaming space. If you are able to recline your chair, then it could allow you to use bigger screens, and more wall space more effectively. This is because our necks get tired of looking up too much, so having the added lumbar support plus the ability to recline can help with a lot of these issues and make it less painful. 

Hopefully, this article has been informative and helped you to pick a gaming chair that will suit your needs, and help you get to the next level figuratively and literally. Regardless of your preferences in terms of chairs, video games, or otherwise, this article should help to steer you in a direction, which best suits your needs. Wishing you safe and comfortable gaming for years to come in your new gaming chair!