6 Gaming Chairs You Can Buy on a Budget in 2019

Generally, the make, designs, and styles of gaming chairs fluctuate wildly. In the fluctuations, you want to be sober in picking the perfect char to suit your needs and preferences. Technically, gamers can use any chair as a gaming chair. But that will not be as comfortable and befitting the gaming sessions as an actual gaming chair would because they are specially made for gaming. When on a budget, it can complicate matters when you finally settle for a substandard quality gaming chair, but you do not have to. Here is a compilation of six of the best gaming chairs you can by when on a budget in 2019:

Furmax Ergonomic Racing Chair

The Furmax Ergonomic Racing Chair mimics the designs and looks of a high-end gaming chair, for example, the secret lab gaming chair brands, which makes it such a suitable option for gamers that are very drawn to luxurious lifestyles, even on a budget. This chair has several ergonomic features, ranging from the high backrest, adequate padding all around, to the retractable footrest that ties everything together.

The chair has an impressive weight capacity of around 310 pounds, with a sturdy build and PU leather to cover the entire framework for a comfortable gaming experience. 

Office Star ProGrid

The Office Star ProGrid is yet another gaming chair that has an admirable tweak-ability, one that is similar to the more expensive gaming seats in the market. This chair may not strike you like the most appealing gaming chair, but it has a lot of satisfaction in gaming, especially as per most of the customer reviews. 

This task chair features a mesh back and a fabric seat, a combination that allows for air circulation all over, bettering the gaming experience. The seat is also known for tons of adjustability, which makes it very convenient for gaming as it involves changes from one sitting position to another.


The RESPAWN 200 is a racing seat type of gaming chair that features a mesh back and a leather seat cushion, which encourages breathability throughout the gaming sessions. With a recline angle of up to 130 degrees and generous padding throughout the chair, this seat is very comfortable to sit on for long gaming hours. This budget-friendly gaming chair also comes a variety of colors and is built for quality, which makes it quite the pick for gamers on a budget.


The RESPAWN 110 is yet another budget gaming seat that comes with a low budget, a high back style, and five color schemes to choose from. Ideally, this chair features an office style armrest and seat base, setting it apart from regular gaming chairs, and making it an ergonomic-sound chair. The PU leather covers a sturdy frame that can support a maximum weight of around 275 pounds, which might be a deal-breaker for large-bodied gamers.

Giantex Gaming Chair

Giantex Gaming Chair is among the leading chair that can provide great comfort, for less than $100. Any budget gamer would love this option because of its the heavy-duty base and sturdy frame to support up to 264lbs, without compromising on comfort. With an adjustable backrest and height, it is pretty convenient for a variety of gamers. The best part is that it is very sleek and professional looking, which might be the main selling point for some players. The fabric covering the seat is also breathable, allowing for proper air circulation, particularly during intense game sessions. 

Merax Ergonomic Office Chair

The Merax Ergonomic Office Chair attracts some love from players because it is very flexible and adjustable, and still features as a budget gaming chair. Other than adjustability on the backrest for up to 180 degrees, and a height of up to 23’, it also comes with a 3600 swivel wheel that glides very smoothly. In fact, you can even adjust the angle of the armrest, which is not a common trait for budget gaming chairs. The seat is adequately padded, more especially for the lumbar support and the headrest, making it a very comfortable option for players.

It is characterized by a modern style and PU leather that is very manageable, not to mention, fade resistant. It, therefore, can be termed as a luxurious racing style executive chair, given that it has a lot to offer, similar to what high-end PC gaming chairs provide.