5 Qualities Of a Well Written Article

Writing good content requires time, energy and to use all the resources available. You need to be aware of all the factors involved in writing a top notch content that will keep your readers hooked. These factors include use of visuals in the content, proper presentation, originality, etc.

If you manage to get a grasp onto these things then you’d be producing content which speaks of good quality.

A well written article is highly important because it is a prime factor that can get you good traffic for your website. If you have flaws in your article then you might want to educate yourself more and learn the tips and tricks involved in producing good quality content.

Here are 5 qualities of a well written article:

  1. Use Visuals

Gone are the days when content used to be plain, simple and short. Now, bloggers have been educating and entertaining readers via visual elements. These include stock photos, infographics, charts, video presentations and more. Around 41% of expert marketers say that infographics work best to engage readers.

Using visual elements in the content is essential now because around 40% of the readers are said to bounce off a website after going through the first page. When you have pictures and videos on your website, it improves the presentation and makes a reader stay and read more.

According to reports, it is believed that longer content gains more traffic than shorter content, however, when you write longer content you need to take care of certain things such as good flow, information etc. Besides that, pictures also play an important part in keeping the reader interested throughout the content.

However, make sure to use pictures that are relevant to your content. Adding irrelevant images will only ruin the impact. Moreover, the images should be royalty-free so that you do not get into legal trouble. Lastly, use high quality images and make sure to keep the bandwidth in mind as uploading a lot of visual content takes a lot of space and bandwidth.

You have the option to make use of a third-party site such as YouTube. It is easy to embed videos uploaded on YouTube directly to your site. It has other benefits as well, such as monetization since YouTube is now considered a search engine by many and can help you make money as well.

  1. Good Presentation

Poor content involves broken structures, wrong grammar, broken links, absence of anchor, title and no meta tags. Let’s have a look at what contributes to good presentation of content.


Ideal Length : When it comes to composing content, many are confused whether to write shorter content or longer. According to Neil Patel, who happens to be one of the most successful bloggers of all time, longer content is much more engaging than shorter content. He says that the ideal length of writing content is around 1200-1300 words, which should be full of information and well researched too.

He says that writing a 500 word post won’t have in-depth knowledge while a lengthy content will keep the reader hooked depending upon how interesting the article is and how deep the research has been done.

Moreover, make sure the formatting is good. You should have proper spaces, subheadings and paragraphs. If the article does not look visually appealing, you will find it difficult to attract visitors or retain them.

Anchor Tags: Anchor tags are referred to hyperlinks. They are responsible to navigate your users from one page to another when clicked upon. You can look at Globex links building agency to build links for you.

It is a good SEO practice to include anchor tags in your content where needed. Make sure your links work properly and they’re not redirecting to an unwanted page or website.

Meta Tags: Meta tags helps a reader to know what the content is about. It’s a short description that shows a glimpse of what the reader will find inside.

Meta tags hold a great importance when it comes to good SEO. Placing a keyword at the beginning of a meta tag is considered to be a good practice.

Keywords At The Right Place: A well written article is one which is not overstuffed with keywords. We know how important keywords are in bringing quality traffic, due to which many bloggers start stuffing keywords in their content and when they do so, the article loses its flare and looks poor and promotional.

Good practice is to place the keywords around four or five times in a 1000 word article in way that it doesn’t sounds promotional.

Using Transition Words: Transition words make your article look professional and it something which the google bots like in an article. Transition words are considered to be decent vocabulary therefore you should use it more often.

Headings : Headings are the most vital part of making an article look promising because Google bots actually search h1 heading tags when they go about searching. Plus, they also make your article look organized and readable.

  1. Consistent And Good Proofreading Skills

No matter how good and professional of a writer you are, you are bound to make mistakes or leave something out. This require you to proofread your work after you finish just to determine that everything is perfect and there are no tiny mistakes or blunders being left out.

It is recommended that you edit a few days or at least hours after writing the content to make sure you do a good job. You may also hire a third party to do the job for you.

  1. Content Originality

Out of the box content is what audience adores, therefore, you should try to come up with innovative ideas and ways to get engaged with your readers more often.

Avoid writing content which is already posted on some other site and bring in your own ideas to the table. Search engines promote original content and this is how you can rank better in the rankings.

  1. Use of Stats and Facts

Using a lot of stats and facts implies that a great deal of research was conducted and it connects the reader more. Articles that fail to have any stats have a tough time keeping readers on the site because they are not interesting, the readers skim read and bounce off in a jiffy.

This is bad for your SEO and it will affect your ranking a lot. Experts say that only 18% of articles are read completely.


These are some of the elements that need to be present in an article to make it qualitative and attention gaining. Writing a good article isn’t much difficult, all you need is to invest a good amount of time, conduct enough research and keep an eye out on the presentation.