4 Things to Look for in a New Employer

When you’re looking for a job, it’s easy to get excited about an offer. It’s flattering: someone wants you to work for them! But be careful, and remember that this is a two-way street. You don’t have to accept every offer that you get. Weigh the things that your employer is offering, and make a careful decision about your career. Here are a few things to look for in an employer.


Salary and benefits


The first and most obvious thing to look at is what your new employer will give you to work there. That means the salary, of course, but be sure to take a careful look at the benefits, too! Benefits packages are a huge part of what companies offer you for your work, and the benefits included can have real value. Look at things like 401k plans and matching – how much will the employer match, and when do the matching funds vest? Investigate the health insurance options, and look at other insurance-related benefits, too. Some employers deal with brokers like Our Life Covered to get group rates on life insurance and other types of insurance. Then there are all sorts of unique benefits, from discounted gym memberships to professional development opportunities. Consider them all when weighing an offer.


You’ll also want to look at another key benefit: how the employer manages time off. We’ll get to that in a moment – but first, let’s talk about the work environment.


The work environment


When you went to your interview, your potential future boss likely did the interviewing. But as he or she was considering you, were you considering them? If you weren’t then, start doing so now. Is this a person you want to work with? Is this a person you can take instruction and orders from?


Consider the co-workers, too, if you were able to meet them. Think about the size of the team, the office, and the culture of the workplace. If you take this offer, this is going to be your work environment for years to come.


Finally, consider how the company is run outside of your department. Maybe your team is great, but what about the HR department? Does the company have a good IT department? What does their enterprise mobility solution look like? When they outsource tasks, who do they outsource to, and how well is the work done?


Work-life balance


Work isn’t everything. Think about your life with this job: How long will your hours be? What is the time off policy? Can you work from home?


Work-life balance is a key concern in the modern workforce, so your potential employer should offer good solutions. Look for benefits like unlimited time off, and remember to consider culture in the equation, too: will you actually be able to take unlimited time off without incurring the wrath of your boss or having your team think of you as selfish? Considering work-life balance will involve considering both benefits and the work environment once again.


A step up: your career and your future


Finally, you’ll want to take a look at your career arc. Is this the right next step? Is there room for further growth?


No job is perfect, of course, but looking at your career and at the factors above will help you make a decision about your offer. Only you can decide whether or not a job offer is right for you, but if you’re weighing the right factors, you can be confident that you’re making the correct decision.