4 Benefits of Real-Time Collaboration Software — and Options to Consider

It wasn’t that long ago when it seemed like the entire world was on lockdown because of the pandemic. 

One of the things that helped companies to continue operating in that environment — when millions of workers were required to work from home — was real-time collaboration software.

Are you aware of the benefits real-time collaboration software can offer your company? Continue reading to learn about four benefits of such software and some options to consider.

1. Helps Connect Remote Staff

Real-time collaboration software helps to keep remote workers on the same page. Are your employees working remotely from the same city, state, or country? Are they spread out across multiple countries or continents? Whatever your situation, real-time collaboration software can be a godsend. Your workers can work together almost as well, or perhaps even better, than if they’re in the same office. They can dialogue, work on documents, resolve issues, give status reports, and stay on the same page so that projects and other tasks are completed on time.

2. Help Workers Be More Efficient

Did you know that people spend, on average, 28% of their workday on email? That’s a lot of time simply reading and responding to emails. It’s no wonder that many workers feel overwhelmed by the volume of email flooding into their inboxes every day. 

If email is the primary way your staff members communicate, your business won’t be as efficient as it should be. For one thing, some workers might not read or respond to their emails promptly. But with real-time collaboration software, your workers can communicate…in real time. There’ll be an immediacy that you simply can’t get if you’re relying on email messages.

3. Help Workers Be More Productive

When your staff members are more efficient, it follows that they’ll also be more productive. Real-time collaboration software will allow employees to work together at the same time. The cloud makes this sort of collaboration possible. With the immediacy of real-time collaboration, more work will get done since your employees can meet up together in the cloud and get things done.

4. Provides a Form of Business Insurance

Real-time collaboration software provides a form of business insurance. You got to see it up close and personal during the lockdowns that forced employees to work from home. While it wasn’t business as usual, companies could stay afloat remotely. So, real-time collaboration software can help your business to remain open, even amidst a pandemic.

Real-Time Collaboration Software Options

Box: Box offers secure real-time collaboration so that you can get all your workers working together in the cloud. Box also allows seamless integrations with business apps your workers use every day, such as Zoom, Google Workspace, Slack, and Microsoft 365. You can empower your staff members to access, organize, and manage content quickly. They’ll be able to work together in editing, reviewing, and sharing documents. It’s everything you need in a real-time collaboration tool.

Monday: Monday.com is a project management tool your company can use as a real-time collaboration solution. Your workers can easily track tasks and projects and tap into customization options to fit the size and scope of projects. Your employees can also use calendar management, real-time editing, and video conferencing. 

Zoho Projects: Zoho is a solution to consider when you want an easy-to-use collaboration software tool for your workplace. When you use Zoho, you can integrate various third-party applications like Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and many more. So, if you need software that’ll help your employees plan, track, collaborate, and complete projects and tasks, Zoho is worth considering. 

Are you interested in getting real-time collaboration software for your company? If so, consider the four benefits above, and then look at the solutions mentioned above. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, but the list is a great place to start if you need real-time collaboration software.