15 Nostalgic Games In the Famicom

Before the age of PlayStations, Gameboys, and Xbox came the age of the Famicom (Family Computer). Those were the days where people could play video games without the internet.

Various games made a mark throughout the years. You can click here and check out exciting and different kinds of gameplay.

But Famicom has such a charm that one can hardly resist. There are so many notable games on the Famicom. But here are the top games that made a mark in gaming history.

The 15 Unforgettable Games (In Alphabetical Order)

Battle City

Battle City is a shooter game released by Namco in 1985. The player controls a tank and must destroy enemy tanks at each level. The enemy’s mission is to eliminate your eagle-designed base hidden inside a brick wall or metal.

You must destroy 20 units of various enemy tanks. It’s GameOver after the enemy tank destroys your base or all your lives are over.


Bomberman launched on April 2, 1990. Bomberman is a robot that must find its way out through a labyrinth while averting foes. You can find entrances leading to more maze rooms under rocks, which Bomberman must break with bombs.

Various items can enhance Bomberman’s bombs, like the Fire skill, which expands the burst range of the bombs. Bomberman will transform into a human after he breaks out and reaches the outside. There are 50 levels in total.

Bubble Bobble

In Bubble Bobble, Baron Von Blubba kidnapped the girlfriends of Bubby and Bobby. The Baron turned the brothers into Bubble Dragons. Bub and Bob must finish 100 levels in the Cave of Monsters to rescue them.

Circus Charlie

In Circus Charlie, you play as Charlie The Clown. The game has seven stages with different acts seen in a circus. These challenges include Charlie riding on a lion and jumping on Rings Of Fire. There’s also Charlie walking on a tightrope to avoid monkeys getting in your way.

Circus Charlie is all about perfect timing and accuracy. You must also be observant of the hurdles coming towards Charlie so you can time your movement perfectly. 


Contra launched in 1988. The gameplay is a run and gun typeset in a futuristic realm where the Red Falcon aims to wipe out humanity.

In multiplayer mode, gamers can choose between Bill Rizer and Lance Bean. The goal is to shoot their way towards various levels and avoid obstructions.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong launched in 1981. Mario first came out in this game. His goal is to climb his way up a succession of ladders while Donkey Kong tosses barrels. Players must control Mario to avoid obstacles and barrels that make things complicated. 

Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario launched in 1990. The gameplay is Tetris-like, although the objective is to line up pills to eliminate viruses.

The primary purpose of the game is to empty the grid of viruses. You can achieve the goal with the aid of multi-colored pills named Megavitamins.


Excitebike launched in 1984. The graphics may seem simple, but it’s one of the most loved and iconic games of the ’80s. Players race around a circular track with ramps, speed boosters, and extended times. 


The primary objective of Galaxian is to get the highest score. You can only move your spaceship left and right. Your best defense is to move around repeatedly with your limited weapons. Galaxians are set to know your exact location. It can also be a tactic to outwit your enemies. 


The mission of Pac-Man is to eat all the pellets in the maze while avoiding the four ghosts—Blinky, Clyde, Inky, and Pinky. The game also has power pellets that allow Pac-Man to eat the ghosts when they turn blue for a time. 


Popeye’s objective is to collect a number of items left by Olive Oyl. Players can make Popeye walk back and forth, up and down ladders with a joystick. There is a punch button but no jump button.


Mega Man is a side-scrolling game with six levels. Mega Man battles various foes and obstacles before facing a Robot Master boss at the end of each stage. After beating the boss, the player acquires the Robot Master’s attack or Special Weapon into Mega Man’s weapons throughout the game.

Super Mario Bros

Princess Peach is kidnapped by King Kupa and trapped in all stages. You can play as Mario or Luigi (via multiplayer), who attempt to locate and rescue her in a castle seen in every stage-ender in the game. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Shredder abducted April, and the Turtles must save her. Players must go through six areas which include the Technodrome.

ThenTurtles are all playable characters with their predetermined abilities. Players can get rare weapons and items. Gamers can also pick up a pizza to replenish the character’s life force.


Two players can play simultaneously in TwinBee. One or two players drift along vertically to reach the boss and beat it. You can obtain various power-ups along the way.

Games That Are Here To Stay

These classic Famicom games will surely stay popular even in the coming years. The simple yet challenging gameplay adds thrill to every level of these games.

Your childhood is one of the best if you’ve experienced playing these games. It’s great that many of these Famicom games have found their way on different platforms. So the new generation can have a taste of the best games ever created.