Photoshop CS5 SCOOTS with 8 GB of RAM!

On January 20, 2011, in Review, by John Hamilton Farr

Photoshop CS5 Extended
Company: Adobe
Price: $999 upgrade $349 (education pricing also available)

I promised you an update to my earlier Photoshop CS5 review, and this is it! No, I don’t have a single bit of empirical evidence, but I do have 8 GB of RAM in my 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo 24-inch iMac, hah!

With at least 8 gigabytes of memory, Photoshop CS5 runs 64-bit native on Mac OS X. What this means to you is that you just bolted a belt-driven supercharger to the top of that V-8: windows open and close with a snap, commands execute nearly instantaneously, and you’ll kick yourself for not upgrading the RAM earlier. But if you do upgrade, at least on the iMac, be aware of a treacherous gap in Apple’s (and everybody else’s) RAM installation instructions…

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About John Farr

John Hamilton Farr first met MyMac publisher Tim Robertson at Macworld San Francisco in 2000 and has contributed numerous reviews and articles since then. The author of Taos Soul, Buffalo Lights, and dozens of columns for Horse Fly, a monthly Taos newspaper, he has published online relentlessly since 1997 and currently writes at 7,000 feet from Taos, New Mexico, U.S.A.

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On July 29, 2010, in Sponsor Link, by News

Anaheim, CA, 29
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16GB Kit [4X4GB]……..$ 488.00
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Macspiration 42
Ten Common Tech Terms

On July 3, 2006, in How-To, Macspiration, by Donny Yankellow

At, and other computer sites, terms like freeware, burn, jpeg, and more are being used all of the time. Sometimes we (the writers) take for granted that the audience understands what we are talking about. I figured I’d make a list of ten of the more common terms we might use in articles. You might look at a lot of the words below and think they are common sense. What might be common sense to you might be totally foreign to another person.

1. Download: When you view a website, or email, or anything on the internet, those files are being downloaded to your computer. In other words, they are coming from another computer, somewhere in the world, and being sent to your computer through your internet connection.

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About Donny Yankellow

In addition to writing for since the Fall of 2005 he is an art teacher, freelance artist/illustrator, and is a father of one son. Donny is also the author/illustrator of several children's ebooks. Donny's degree is in Visual Communications and he hold certification in K-12 Art Education. His hobbies (besides Mac and Apple stuff) include soccer, animation, and reading anything written by Stephen King.

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The Great Computer Disaster – Episode 2

On August 30, 2004, in Opinion, by Carmel Glover

The Great Computer Disaster

Episode 2

10.30 am

It’s time to call in expert help in the form of friend and computer technician, Robbie Dunn. We helped Robbie recently with some wording for an ad (“Is there a ghost in your machine? Exorcisms Dunn.) The CW also designed a business card for him, so we figure he owes us.

Robbie discovers the G3 has defective RAM.

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Starting Line
My Mac Magazine #30, Oct. ’97

On October 1, 1997, in The Starting Line, by Barbara Bell

Dear Readers:

More interesting changes are taking place in the world of Apple. I read Apple bought out the Power Computing license. Is this the end of the clones? Maybe, maybe not. One thing I do know: It means one more Windoze maker (Power Computing responded by letting the world know they will become another Windoze manufacturer.) Depressing.

Now, I’ve heard both sides of the argument. One side says purchasing clones takes money and market share away from Apple. The other side states that, as a longer term strategy, clones equal more people using the Mac platform, and hey, Apple does receive royalty payments. Whichever argument you prefer, the bottom line is Apple never came across as particularly committed to their clone makers. Because they are perceived as uncommitted (or is it noncommitted?), the clones never had a chance of making money for Apple. And for users? We have fewer choices, at least for now. We’ll see what Apple has in store for us. Maybe I’m panicking…only time will tell.

On to other topics: One of the nice things about being located near a major metropolitan area are all the free seminars that come up. For instance, Apple, Adobe, and Xerox of New England are holding a “Color in Concert” seminar, showcasing the “latest Apple and Adobe updates” as well as the “newest additions to the Xerox color family.” (If you recall, the college student who color-copied $10,000 worth of $20.00 bills for his tuition used a Xerox color copier!) They always have nice giveaways at these things, too. This one is holding drawings for:

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The First Nemo Memo!

On July 3, 1997, in Nemo Memo, Opinion, by John Nemerovski

Imagine a wide, sandy beach on a gorgeous summer day. Visualize a thousand crews of talented sand sculptors working intently on their masterpieces. During the afternoon the castles gradually near completion before the judging begins.

The onlookers stroll through the sand palaces, considering each creation and comparing it to the others. The roar of the competitors and observers competes with the sound of the pounding waves. The sun starts to descend, and the judges begin to evaluate the handiwork of the contestants.

“And the winner is … !” shouts the announcer. Applause briefly takes over the beach, and the public rushes to get a better look at the winner. The losers grumble good-naturedly, and then they also dash over to see which is the best of the best.

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About John Nemerovski

John "Nemo" Nemerovski is MyMac's Reviews Editor. He is a private and small group personal technology tutor in Tucson, Arizona, USA, with an emphasis on iPad and iPhone training, plus basic computing, digital photography, and Photoshop. Nemo is an accomplished music instructor on keyboard and guitar, and an expert artisan bread baker. If you are interested in writing reviews or requesting a product review on MyMac, contact him: nemo [ a t ] mymac [ d o t ] c o m.

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The Reader Writes
July 1997 – Issue 27

On July 1, 1997, in The Reader Writes, by Ryan Grimes

This page is where we give our readers a voice to express their thoughts and views. Perhaps you are mad at Apple, have a shareware review you want to share, or inform everyone about your current AOL problems. The choice is yours, and we gladly provide this space each month for you to use. Please send all submissions for this page to

This month, Ryan Grimes talks about Apple’s decision not to support non-PCI Mac’s with the next Apple system software, Rhapsody. Ryan is not a happy camper, as you will see…

Greetings fellow Macintoshians,

I am here today to discuss a very important topic, one I think needs addressing front and center in the Macintosh world we so proudly live in. You may or may not know this but I’m ticked. You’re probably wondering, “What on earth could possibly tick you off?,” but I’m gonna tell all of you. I was reading MacWorld the other day and I found out some very disturbing news. I urge you all to sit down (which you probably are since you’re reading this on a computer). Are you ready? Okay, well here goes. Apple is not going to continue supporting non-PCI based Macs after Tempo (Mac OS 8). Now some of you are probably gasping, running around your houses gathering up the children to leave earth and never return. Others are probably scratching your heads and wondering, “What in the heck is he talking about with PCI-based Macs?” I’ll tell you what this means. It means that after OS 8 there will be no operating system updates for any “older” Macintoshes. Performas (except for 6360 and 6400) will not run Rhapsody, neither will any Mac that is not currently shipping right now. Compatibles will have to check with their manufacturers for specific details on whether or not theirs are PCI-based or NUBUS-based.

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In November, 1990 I used a Mac for the first time. I had to type in some articles I had written for a newsletter. As I recall, I didn’t even know how to eject the floppy disk when I was finished. It was on a Mac Plus. The keyboard was different from any other kind that I had worked with before. It seemed a little awkward but it was okay.

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