Review – Norton Online Backup 25 GB

On July 1, 2010, in Review, by Scott Willsey

Norton Online Backup 25 GB
Company: Symantec

Price: $49.99 for up to 5 computers with a maximum of 25 GB of backup storage.

Pervasive fast Internet connections have changed our lives in many ways. One interesting example is the growing field of online computer backup services. As more people realize the need to have an offsite backup component to their backup strategy, or simply want to avoid the complexity of maintaining many hard drives, online backup solutions continue to gain in popularity. Interestingly, many of the popular online backup services are not from previously established big name companies, but that has changed with the advent of the Norton Online Backup service from Symantec Corporation.

Symantec is well known in the PC world for their security and antivirus products, among others. They also have traditional backup and system imaging solutions, so branching into online backup services seems like a natural extension for them. Given their experience in providing software and services to the huge Windows market, I was excited to see how their online backup offering stacked up to the competition from a Mac user’s point of view.

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