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On January 27, 2003, in Macworld Expo, by John Nemerovski

Macworld Conference/Expo has different meaning for each participant. Hardcore gamers, OS geeks and administrators, digital artists, and serious students of Macintosh all have subject-specific ways to immerse themselves for hours or days. Steve spotters can obtain seats within camera-tossing distance of The Big Guy doing his keynote address. Bargain hunters and shopaholics will exceed their credit card limits with purchases and pre-orders. Media representatives absorb as much as we can, with eyes on the clock so we don’t miss the next PR meeting, non-disclosure agreement, meal, or cookie break. Every body wants something for close to nothing. For life-long loyalists, “too much is never enough” where new product announcements are concerned.

Tens of thousands of people worldwide devote many millions of dollars and hours to make every Macworld experience such a big, well-coordinated splash. Would all these resources be more effective if focused via targeted marketing and special deals, now that Internet access is so pervasive and Apple retail stores are numerous? Customer is king/queen, branding is boss, innovation is our inspiration, and promotion is pervasive. How important is it to kick the tires and press the flesh?

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About John Nemerovski

John "Nemo" Nemerovski is MyMac's Reviews Editor. He is a private and small group personal technology tutor in Tucson, Arizona, USA, with an emphasis on iPad and iPhone training, plus basic computing, digital photography, and Photoshop. Nemo is an accomplished music instructor on keyboard and guitar, and an expert artisan bread baker. If you are interested in writing reviews or requesting a product review on MyMac, contact him: nemo [ a t ] mymac [ d o t ] c o m.

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Exclusive – The Next Generation iMac Exposed!

On April 1, 2001, in Opinion, by Ralph J Luciani

Thanks to mole operative (iDeep Throat) in Apple Computer’s Cupertino Campus comes this startling information on the major revamping of Apple’s consumer products as well as the dramatic shift in their marketing and design philosophy.

Apple has apparently learned some lessons from the many iMac ripoffs. The computer company that revolutionized the industry is set to save millions of megabucks by curtailing both innovative technology and cutting edge industrial design. Sure it will be bland and less colourful but it appears it is the only way to draw large numbers of Wintel customers who fear radical change and creative design.

Currently in the final stages of the design criteria, the following models are being set for prime time. It is not clear if they will be released to the public at July’s MWNY or MWSF 2002. For this exercise we will concentrate our focus on the box design only. Gone is the rounded watermelon look replaced by a sleek more angular case.

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