OWC USB-C Travel Dock – Review

OWC USB-C Travel Dock Macsales.com $49.88 U.S. OWC USB-C Travel Dock is a portable USB-C dock that adds ports and connectors to a computer’s

About Warren Sklar

Warren Sklar is a IT consultant and a lover of tech. He started doing IT support in the mid 90’s and has supported everything from Adobe to Zip files. Currently he does part-time stay at home dad work and part-time IT consulting for the locals. His love for Apple products has made his focus more on helping people with their Apple devices. He admins a handful of Apple centric Facebook groups and is the go to guy for friends and family. When not fixing gadgets, Warren likes to travel, hang out with his family and dog and take long naps.

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TechFan #252 – Purple

Tim has had a horrible two weeks, which is why TechFan missed a week! David and Tim discuss USB-C as a replacement to the

About Tim Robertson

Founder MyMac.com. Podcast Host of TechFan. Owner Stoplight Network. Father of four, husband to one. Loves reading, podcasting, music, video games, the 1980s, and all things electronic and Apple.

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