Liquid Ledger

On March 17, 2003, in Review, by Chris Seibold

Liquid Ledger
OS X Only

Company: Modeless Software, Inc.
Price: $45.00

Sure the economy is a little sluggish of late and if you own stocks you probably don’t want to look at the bright red numbers scrolling across the bottom of CNBC. Economy aside, you still need to know what your dough is doing (unless you work off the simple accounting method that once ruled my life: cash in car ashtray=net worth). There are quite a few methods to keep an eye on your dough. These range from the very basic (a napkin) to the highly customizable (a personally designed spreadsheet/database) all the way to any of a number pre made solutions.

One of the pre-made solutions is Liquid Ledger. After using Liquid Ledger for a week I have decided that, for most folks, Liquid Ledger is a very good solution. You acquire Liquid Ledger via a simple download of 1.2 MB (even dial up users won’t balk at that). Installation is a fairly simple matter of drag and drop. The first thing you’ll notice when you fire Liquid Ledger up is, predictably, the interface.

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